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 Haydn Kross

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Haydn Kross

Haydn Kross

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Full Name: Haydn Kyler Kross
Name at birth: You could say that it's Suicidal, even though he wasn't actually born.
Aliases/Nicknames: Suicidal, Mute
Preferred name: Haydn
Age/Date of Birth: Twenty Eight; March 21
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity: Bisexual, even though he is more gay than straight because he's mostly likely the submissive one in the relationships. And the fact that I can't imagine him being with a girl.
Race/Ethnicity: German? White.
Fandom/Facecalm: You can say Cinema Bizarre, and FC is Kiro
Creature: Witch/Personality.
Skin Tone: A bit pale from the fact that he doesn't go out that much.
Height: He's short for being a guy, but he's not actually a midget.
Weight: Pretty normal for his height and age, well, he's a little underweight but he can't control that and he doesn't want to eat too much either, he eats enough that he needs.
Build: Slender
Eyes: Pale green, he doesn't understand on why they make him seem like he's dead to the world but they do.
Hair: Brown, shoulder length.
Clothes Style: His clothes style is pretty simple. T-shirts, jeans, shoes. They are somewhat tighter then what most people would want it but not enough to practically show everything. Slightly baggy.
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: None, but I am keeping this up just in case.
Religion: Athiest
Political Affiliation: He doesn't pay attention
Education: He was home schooled.
Languages spoken: English
Weapons: None
Occupation(s): An employee to a store. It's a pretty crappy job, but it pays.
Past Occupation(s): None, mostly because of the fact that it was hard for him to find a job that would accept him.
Special Abilities/Skills: None that he knows of.
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Slight paranoia
Citizenship: USA, and possibly Germany since he was found there.
Place of Birth: Somewhere's in germany, the papers doesn't actually say it, but truthfully he wasn't actually born, but he doesn't know that.
Now lives: USA
Lives with: No one.
Current Relationship Status: Single
Relationship History: Had a few, like two or three. He didn't go out much and the people that he was once in a relationship with, ended it because they were growing distant.
Family: Foster parents.
Personality: He’s shy, quiet and awkward. He likes to keep to himself a lot. He barely talks, he only does when he either wants to keep a conversation going or that he has to speak. He likes being alone most of the time, there are a few times where he doesn’t like the fact that he doesn’t have that many friends, but he can’t control that. He started to have trust issues, well, he barely wants to trust anyone, and he might start to just stay inside all the time.
History: Back when Haydn was ten years old, he had lost his memory. He didn’t gain back any of his memories of the years before the memory loss. His parents decided to have him home-schooled so he won’t have as much issues as he would have if he went to school. Which had also caused his isolation from other people. He didn’t go out of the house that much, and when he was done with home-schooling at the age of twenty-one. They told him to get out of the house and do something else. The only problem was, that when he did got out of the house, he didn’t really know how to talk to other people, or well he had low people skills. He was so used to only talking to his family and the others who had lived in the neighborhood, so it was hard for him to talk to new people. So while he was looking for a job for a couple of years, a lot of people put him down because at the age that he finally ended school for him and it was only high school level but while he was doing that, his parents helped him with the money isses. He did eventually get a job later on, but he’s at the back of the store.
Other Biographical Remarks: This is the stuff that Haydn doesn't know. He's actually a personality of someone, well, another character on here. He was the 'Suicidal' part. When he was 'Suicidal', Suicidal didn't know how to talk or write, but he did know how to do charades. He was also very paranoid. But when he was 'killed' in the persons mind. The powers that Suicidal had gained from the guy for being a personality had somehow ended up making him into an actual person. But somehow he ended up not remembering being a personality, so he doesn't know that he's a witch also.
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Haydn Kross
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