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 Andreas Hudec

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Andreas Hudec

Andreas Hudec

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Full Name: Andreas Hudec
Name at birth: Andreas Hudec
Aliases/Nicknames: Strify
Preferred name: Anything.
Age/Date of Birth: 42/August 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Creature: Human/Witch. He considers himself human.
Skin Tone: Slightly pale
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Normal
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Scars: Wrists from past cutting issues; Piercings: Left lip
Religion: Atheist
Political Affiliation: He doesn’t care
Education: He was at school until he dropped out during his 3rd year of high school.
Special Abilities/Skills: He can sing?
Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Smoking; Depression; Cutting addiction?; He worries a bit more than others.
Family: Parents, Children (twins), Husband (Carsten)
Personality: He is very outgoing and hyper. He's a very original and unique person, which is a good thing in his opinian. When he is depressed, he tends to isolate himself and not speak until he hurts himself.
History: He grew up with his parents until he was 10, when they got divorced. He had a bit of a rough life after that, mostly because he had an unstable household. When he was 13, he went to an anime convention where he met the bassist and guitarist of his band. They all became good friends. He dropped out at age 16 from high school, the reasoning is unknown. Soon, he started a band with his two friends, and they found the keyboardist and drummer as well. When he was 24, he began a relationship with Kiro, finding out a few months later from when they got drunk that he was pregnant. A few months after that, he was taken to an insane asylum for being accused of being "crazy". They called him crazy because he and Kiro (Carsten) decided to prank call the asylum and he told them that Kiro was pregnant with his child, which was true. He was there for a month, and he lost his memory of the last few months. He also gained two personalities during that as well. The first one he noticed, which was an "egotistical" one, according to Kiro and Yu. With that personality, he was pretty much a bitch. He ended up hurting the others, and raping Kiro as well. A few weeks after that, the other personality showed up, a "suicidal" one. With that one, he attempted suicide twice. Once, Kiro found him almost drained of blood from cutting a major vein. The other hurt his chest and he was unable to sing correctly. A few months after that, when he got his head hit by a boy skateboarding, he killed them in his mind. He doesn't know where they are today, and he's very glad he doesn't. He currently lives with his husband and children.
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Andreas Hudec
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