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 Scene 4 [Date: Unknown]

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Scene 4 [Date: Unknown] Empty
PostSubject: Scene 4 [Date: Unknown]   Scene 4 [Date: Unknown] EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 5:43 pm

Luminor: He walks into the house, and sees Kiro and Strify sleeping on the couch. 'Strify's out of bed?'

Kiro: He's peacefully asleep and for once it's after 6am also.

Luminor: He walks over to them, and shake them both, still wondering. xD

Strify: He moves slowly, opening his eyes.

Kiro: He woke up slowly. "Huh?" He wiped his eyes and sees Luminor. "Hi." He said. "Why are you in my room?" His brain is not fully functioning, so he think he's in his room. Realized that it was the living room, "Ignore that question."

Luminor: He laughed a little.

Strify: He is getting awake, and realized it was morning. Then he remembered Kiro's leaving. He rubbed his eyes and sat up.

Kiro: "Can I go back to sleep?" He wasn't asking them, he's telling them that he was going back to sleep. Because he put his head back down and close his eyes again.

Strify: He got up and went to get something to drink.

Yu joined the chat 6 seconds ago

Yu: He was already in the kitchen when Luminor came into the house. He seen what Luminor is doing. "I thought he left a while ago." He said under his breath.

Strify: He saw Yu come down the stairs. "Hi." He sighed.

Yu: "Hello."

Kiro: He went back to sleep. xD

Strify: "How are you?" He went back to the living room and Kiro was asleep.

Yu: "Tired.."

Strify: "Sorry..."

Yu: He looked at Strify odd. "I'll be in my room."

Strify: "Okay." He sat in one of the chairs.

Yu: He left to his room.

Luminor: He stood there, and saw Kiro asleep, again.

Kiro: Yes, he is asleep. So you have an issue.

Strify: He layed his head back, but not going to sleep, just wondering what it'd be like when Kiro's gone.

Kiro: Creator is stuck.

Kiro: He opened one of his eyes a bit to see who's still in the living room.

Strify: He was still thinking, but was looking around to see what everyone is doing.

Kiro: "Hello?" He wondered if everyone just left. He realized that today he goes to the apartment.

Strify: He heard Kiro say something. "Umm...Hi...?" He laughed a little.

Kiro: He got up from the couch and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Strify: He stayed where he was, and tapped his foot to a tune in his mind.

Kiro: He took a sip from it and looked at Strify. "What time is it?"

Strify: "It's about 10:30."

Kiro: His eyes went wide. "That's pretty late."

Strify: "Not too late." Maybe 12 would be late.

Kiro: "To wake up it is." He said back.

Strify: "Not for some people." He sighed a little.

Kiro: He laughed a bit. "That is true."

Strify: He laughed too.

Kiro: "well....um...." He has to leave today ._. "I'm going to go to the car....uh..." He's awkward right now xD

Strify: He realized what Kiro was trying to do, just so it wouldnt be so awkward. "Do you want some help moving?"

Kiro: "Everything is in the car." He put it all in there yesterday. XD

Strify: He nodded. "Want any help getting stuff into the apartment?"

Kiro: "I guess?" He wasn't sure why he would ask to help. He grabbed his keys to the car.

Strify: He sighed and got up, and went to the car. He didnt know if there was too much to get into the apartment.

Kiro: There isn't, well, that's what the creator thinks xD. "Thanks for asking." He told Strify. He's still a bit jetlagged because he just woke up.

Strify: "You're welcome, I just didnt know if you had too much to get into the apartment and stuff." Just so he could clear things up.

Kiro: "It's okay."

Strify: He nodded.

------THEY GET TO THE PLACE-------

Kiro: He stopped the car in front of the place. "I told you, it wasn't that far away." He told Strify as he walked out of the car.

Strify: He got out of the car. "Yeah." He sighed, and started to get stuff. "Where's the apartment?"

Kiro: "Um...it's one the second floor." HE said as he grabbed a few of his bags and went into the place and gone to the appartment. xD

Strify: He followed and set the stuff down when he got into the apartment. He looked around a little.


Strify: "Yeah." He said, since he got the last of the stuff.

Kiro: "okay..."

Strify: "Do you want me to help unpack, or do you want me to go?" He didnt want to be so pushy.

Kiro: "Um.....either or, I don't care, I don't want to unpack right now." He wanted to look around the place also to see if they add anything in here.

Strify: He nodded. "It's nice." He's talking about the apartment.

Kiro: "Thanks."

Strify: He started to explore the place.

Kiro: He laughed a bit and grabbed one of the boxes that he knew he had to unpack for today. It's the stuff he needs, a pillow, lbanket, tooth brush, etc.

Strify: He finished exploring, and went to the living room area of the apartment.

Kiro: "You had your fun looking around?" XD

Strify: He nodded. "I like it."

Kiro: He nodded. "You can stay longer if you want but there's nothing to do here." XD

Strify: He nodded. "If you want me to, I dont want to bother."

Kiro: "I'm fine."

Strify: "Okay..." He looked around, wondering what to do now. "So, how is this place going to be decorated?" The only thing creators mind could think of.

Kiro: "I don't know yet, really." He said, knowing this is going to make him sound stupid. "I don't even think that I'll be here that much anyways to worry over."

Strify: "Why not?" He thought the reason he was moving was to get away from the band.

Kiro: "Because I'll be at the house a lot, I got this so I can be alone when I want to and not having to worry about someone intruding on me or invading my privacy." That just made him sound like he's talking about something dirty, but he isn't really. XD

Strify: "Ohhh..." He sighed a little, realizing he's been invading his privacy.

Kiro: "Yeah, what did you thought the reason I moved into here?" O.o

Strify: He shrugged. "Nothing too big."

Kiro: He nodded , "Okay."

Kiro: Not going to bug him to tell him.

Strify: He nodded.

Kiro: He put away the essentials in the bathroom xD

Strify: He stayed standing, not sure what to do now.

Kiro: "So.....um..."He walked back into the 'living room'. He looked at the time. XD He thought that it was late. "Nevermind, I might actually start unpacking." He said to himself. xD

Strify: "Do you want help, or?" He didnt know what to do.

Kiro: "You can help if you want to." He doesn't even know where to put half of this stuff. ^^'

Strify: He nodded, and grabbed one of the boxes.

-and it's all unpacked-

Strify: He sighed and leaned against the wall. xD

---okay, some of it is unpacked XD----

Kiro: He looked at Strify. "What are you doing?" The guy is acting like he did hard work. O.O

Strify: He laughed. "Standing?" He grabbed another bag.

Kiro: "You could stop, you know? I'm about to stop after I'm done with this box."

Strify: "I dont mind."

Kiro: He laughed a bit. "It's odd."

Strify: "What's odd?"

color=aqua]Kiro[/color]: "You actually doing work." XD

Strify: He laughed a little. "I might want to work today." xD

Kiro: He smiled. "Yeah, ONLY today, right?"

Strify: He shrugged. "Maybe, I might work tommarrow too, or the next day, or next month." He laughed.

Kiro: "I hope not. Because I might need to put you into a mental institution for working." XD

Strify: "First the cookies, now this!" He paced. "You're making me go insane, Kiro!" xD

Kiro: "How is that?" HE tilted his head. "I was just saying."

Strify: "First you said I needed to go to rehab for a cookie addiction, and now you want to put me in a mental hospital for working..." He kept on pacing, like a freak. xD

Kiro: "Well it's true....okay the working one is the one I'll worry about first."

Strify: "Why is that?" He asked.

Kiro: "Because...don't you HATE working?"

Strify: "Yes, but maybe I want to actually work today." He smiled.

Kiro: "Okay, maybe only one day would be okay...>​.>​"

Strify: "Then I should do this more often." He smiled.

Kiro: "ARe you doing this to make me worry? O.O"

Strify: "No, well maybe, why would it worry you?"

Kiro: "Because, I don't think anyone would like it that you change your personality differently." XD CREATORS FAIL AT WORDS XD

Strify: "So I should stay as the egoist who never works? xD"

Kiro: "That sings? yes." He started to laugh.

Strify: "Yes! The egoist who never works and sings, and eats cookies!" He laughed.

Kiro: "Oh, I've realized that you haven't had a cookie since you left the house, I guess your cookie addiction isn't that bad."

Strify: "Well I didnt know if there was a cookie around here, so I wouldnt be able to eat any if you didnt."

Kiro: "There aren't."

Strify: "See? So I cant eat a cookie, and I'm pretty sure inside I'm going insane because of it."

Kiro: "You are." He got up and poked Strify's sides. "Yep, you are."

Strify: "Hey!" He backed away. "Only professionals can poke my sides!"

Kiro: He looked at Strify wide eyed. "What?"

Strify: "Since I have that 'cookie addiction' only the professionals can poke my sides to see if I'm going insane."

Kiro: Awww...D: DAmn. LOL XD "Oh....O.O.."

Strify: "Yeah, so then if you were a professional, I'd let you poke my sides."

Kiro: "I see...." XD Denies wanting to go on the internet and print out a fake degree XDXDXDXDXDXD

Strify: He nods. "So now you have to be a professional to poke these." He pointed to his sides.

Kiro: He puts his head down. He walked back up to Strify and poked his sides again. "This time I wasn't checking to see if you are crazy, I just wanted to poke them ^^."

Strify: "You need to be a professional!" He backed away. "Nein touch mein sides!!!" XDXDXD

Kiro: "To see if you are crazy? Correct?" Using his words against those words. He looked at Strify confusing. "What did you just say?"

Strify: "Yeah, you need to be professional to poke my sides, or else I will call the FBI XD" He laughed a little. "No, dont touch my sides." He laughed.

Kiro: "Calll the FBI" He poked them again. XD

Strify: "Oh my Gosh!" He walked over to a banana and he called the 'FBI' on it. xD

Kiro: He started to laugh so hard. "They" Laugh. "won't" Laugh "answer you." laugh

Strify: He waited as the 'phone' rang. "Hello? Yes, there is a guy who isnt a professional who is poking me...." He paused. "Yeah, thanks." He 'hung up' the phone.

Kiro: He's still laughing. XD

Strify: "They will be here momentaraly." He said.

Kiro: "Damn, I just got this apartment." He fake cried.

Strify: "And now you will be going to prison for poking me."

Kiro: "B-but I don't want to go to prison D:"

Strify: "I might bail you out."

Kiro: "really?" Pretended to have a suprized face. xD

Strify: "I said might, as long as I dont pull charges." xD

Kiro: "Then why did you call the FBI?"

Strify: "O.O Because this is an event." He made weird hand gestures. "And I need to remember this!"

Kiro: "So you called the FBI so you can remember this?" He poked his sides again. XD

Strify: He backed into a corner. "Leave me alone!" He 'cried'.

Kiro: He walked up to Strify. "Strify, please don't cry." He is pretending to actually care. xD

Strify: He slapped Kiro lightly. "Leave me alone you monster!" He tried to hide his smile, and 'cried' some more. xD

Kiro: "I'm not a monster. D:"

Strify: "I consider you one when you poke my sides without a lisence!"

Kiro: o.o "I'm sorry about that, it's just that it's fun to poke your sides." ^^

Strify: He 'sniffed'.

Strify: "Really?"

Kiro: "Yes, really" &&

Strify: "I forgive you!" He got up and hugged Kiro really big. xD

Kiro: He hugged back.

Strify: He laughed and let go of the hug.

Kiro: He smiled. HES BEEN FORGIVEN~~~~

Strify: He smiled back. xD

Kiro: "So are you going to tell the FBI to not put me in prison?"

Strify: He walked over to the banana, and called the FBI again. "Yes, there was a mix-up...I dont want you here."

Kiro: "That's rude. They might arest you for being rude."

Strify: He hung up the phone. "I'd just take you downtown with me, since you poked me." He thought for a moment. "But I MIGHT give you the acception."

Kiro: "Why is that?" ^^

Strify: He shrugged. "'Cause maybe I dont mind you poking my sides."

Kiro: "since when." His hopes are up xD

Strify: "Since now." He leaned agaisnt the wall again.

Kiro: YAY!! He poked his sides again ^^

Strify: He laughed a little. "Do you enjoy poking my sides?"

Kiro: "yes. ^^"

Strify: "Okay." He laughed a little.

Kiro: He poked his side again. XD Actually enjoying it xD

Strify: He watched Kiro poke his sides. XDXD

Kiro: "Your sides are squishy."

Strify: "Thank you ^^"

Kiro: He poked them again. "This is actually fun." He laughed a bit.

Strify: He laughed. "Well if you're entertianed I might be here a while."

Kiro: "Yeah, you will be, especially since the TV isn't plugged." He actually doesn't have a TV XD

Strify: He laughed. "Then let me sit down, then you can keep on poking me." He took Kiro's hands off of his sides and slid to the floor.

Kiro: He pouted when his hands were taken away from the sides D:

Strify: He laughed. "Now you can poke my sides down here."

Kiro: "Okay." ^^ He smiled and started to poke Strify's sides again.

Strify: He smiled as he poked his sides.

Kiro: "Why are your sides pokey?" He said as he sounded like a three year old. Wait, xD is he sleep deprived? XD or just hyper?

Strify: He laughed. "I dont know, maybe with you poking them they're getting pokier."

Kiro: He laughed. "You said 'pokier'."

Strify: He laughed. "Yes, I said 'pokier'."

Kiro: He laughed again. "That word is funny when you say it."

Strify: He laughed. "Do you like me saying it?"

Kiro: "Yes." ^^

Strify: "Okay, then I should say it more often." He smiled.

Kiro: "Yes you should."

Strify: He laughed. "Okay, pokier." xD

Romeo: He wondered what was taking Strify so long, so he called him. xD

Kiro: He laughed again. It might get boring later, but right now it's funny. XD

Strify: He laughed at Kiro's laugh. He heard his phone ring. He got it, and realized it was Romeo. "Hello?"

Romeo: "Hey, what's taking you so long?"

Kiro: Poke. Poke. Poke. Poke.

Strify: "Umm, I'm helping Kiro unpack."

Romeo: Strify working? "Umm...Are you on something?"

Kiro: poke. poke. poke. poke.

Strify: "No, I just want to help."

Romeo: He sighed. "Okay then..." He hung up. xD

Kiro: "That was a short phone call." HE said as he STILL pokes Strify's sides. xD

Strify: He laughed. "Yeah"

---------meanwhile at the house, or whatever you call it XD--------------

Romeo: He sighed. "Well that was weird."

Yu: He seen Romeo hang up on the phone. "What was that about?"

Romeo: "Strify's helping Kiro unpack, which is work, which is something he never does."

Yu: "that is wierd." O.O...

Romeo: He nodded. "It is."

Yu: He walked into the living room. "Wonder what that was all about anyways."

Romeo: "Yeah, I'm not too sure."

Yu: "Hmm..hmmm."

Luminor: He is wondering xD

Yu: He's looking at the couch for a bit xD

Romeo: He sighed, still wondering why Strify would help Kiro, when Strify hates working.

Yu: "SO!!!!!" XD

Romeo: He laughed a little. "What?"

Yu: "It was too queit in this house." O.O

Romeo: He nodded. "Yeah, it is."

Yu: "It's odd."

Romeo: "Without Strify's loud mouth here." He laughed.

Yu: "Exactly!" He pointed at Romeo. XD

Romeo: He laughed. "It's too quiet..."

Luminor: He laughed.

Luminor: "At least there is noise..."

Yu: "that's true."

Luminor: He nodded.

Yu: He got up from the seat to turn on the TV. The remote went missing again. x'D

Romeo: He sighed, and put his head back.

Yu: He sat back on the chair he was in.

Romeo: He saw the remote next to him, and handed it to Yu. "You could've used this."

Yu: He looked at the remote. "I didn't see that there."

Romeo: "Yeah, it was right here." He pointed to the spot where it was.

Yu: "I didn't see that when I was loooking for it." XD

Romeo: "I dont think it blends in with the couch." He laughed.

Yu: "So?"

Romeo: He shrugged. "So."

Yu: Annnnnnd creator is getting bored with this, should we go back to the poking? XD

---------------back to that place XD---------------

Strify: He's sitting there, STILL, watching Kiro be facinated poking his sides. xD

Kiro: Poke. Poke. He looked at Strify. "Am I boring you?" XD He just realized he has been poking Strify's sides for five minutes.

Strify: He laughed a little. "Not really."

Kiro: "Okay." ^^

Strify: "Yep." He wondered when Kiro will get bored. xD

Kiro: He gotten bored a while back actually. XD He just wanting to see how long it will take to annoy Strify.

Strify: Creator doesnt know what to respond D: Mind's still trying to wake up xD

Kiro: He stopped poking Strify's sides, since the guy isn't going to be annoyed by it anytime soon.

Strify: "I knew you'd get bored sooner or later." He laughed.

Kiro: He nodded. XD He just realized that he's sleepy. "Hmm...hmmm."

Strify: He laughed a little. "Tired?" xD

Kiro: "No." He tried to pretend that he wasn't.

Strify: He sighed. "Okay, what do you want to do then?" He wasnt too tired.

Kiro: "Um...." He looked around the place. "I don't know." .-.

Strify: He sighed. "There isnt much to do." He laughed.

Kiro: "Thanks, captain obvious." He realized how close he is to Strify and he moved away a bit.

Strify: "You're welcome." He just realized how close they were. xD

Kiro: He got up and see if there's any food in the place, which is propably unlikly since he didn't pack any.

Strify: He got up too, and looked around. "Do you wanna go and get some food?"

Kiro: "Um.....yeah..." He looked around for the food still, just in case. "I forgot to pack food." I'm an idiot!

Strify: He laughed. "We can go to the grocery store and get food."

Kiro: "I can do that tomorrow when I got shopping for other stuff also." He said as he went to get his jaket.

Strify: He nodded. "Okay."

Kiro: He went to the door.

Strify: "Where are we going?" He followed. xD

Kiro: "someplace that has food."

Strify: "Ohh, okay."

Kiro: "Yep." He went out of the door. And lets just say Strify went out also >​.>​ so he locked the door.

Strify: He followed Kiro out to the car. xD "Do you want to invite the others?"

Kiro: "Okay...." He found the quieckest food place to go, McDonalds. xD

Strify: He called the others so they could come too. xD


Romeo: He found Kiro and Strify. xD

Kiro: "Hey guys." He waved a bit before he took a sip from his drink.

Strify: He realized the others just got there. xD "Hi."

Romeo: He waved.

Yu: He sat on the nearest seat that they are at. "Sooo...."

Romeo: "You say that a lot." He said to Yu.

Yu: "I have nothing to say."

Kiro: Takes a bite from the burger. xD

Romeo: He laughed. "Why not?"

Yu: -_-

Romeo: He laughed and ate the burger he ordered.xD

Kiro: O.o...When did Romeo got a burger. He shook his head and laughed a bit.

Romeo: "What?" O.O

Kiro: He ignored Romeo xD mostly because he's not sure who he said it to. It's a bit quiet for the group. .-.

Romeo: He sighed, knowing Kiro wouldnt answer.

Yu: "How was the moving?" He asked Kiro. XD

Kiro: "Um.....it's okay.." He said, not wanting to have a conversation about it.

Strify: He smiled a little hearing the conversation, and ate whatever he ordered.

Yu: He nodded.

Strify: He sighed. "Why is everyone so quiet?" He needed to break the silence.

Kiro: "I'm eating."

Strify: "Yeah, we are all eating, but we are never this quiet..." O.O

Kiro: XD He's still eating. xD

Strify: He sighed. "Too quiet..." He whispered.

Kiro: Poke. xD And went back to eating his food. XD

Strify: xD He ate his food. xD

Kiro: O.o...He just poked Strify's side and he didn't flinch this is new. XD

Strify: He's gotten used to it, and he didnt want to get the others wondering. He smiled a bit.

Kiro: Oh...xD He finished his food.

Strify: He threw peoples trash away. xD

Yu: something from his mind came up xD He remembered the call between Romeo and Strify. He looked at Strify. "You. Working." XD Creator fails as this character D:

Strify: He looked over to Yu. "Huh?"

Yu: "I herd that you were working and your name ans working don't fit together." Who else thinks that it's odd. xD

Strify: He laughed. "I bet tommarrow I'll be back being my lazy self."

Kiro: He points a spoon at Strify. "Let's hope." He said that before anyone else could. xD >​.>​ MAKE CONVO!!!

Strify: He laughed, wondering where Kiro got the spoon... O.o "Did you have that spoon when we sat down?"

Kiro: "Um....yes?" XD He's not too sure how he got that either.

Strify: "Well I dont think you had anything to use a spoon for..."

Kiro: "I know." O_O He's wondering about the spoon now. Wait, why is he hyper even though he hadn't had any coffe yet? XD

Strify: "How did you get that then?" He is still wondering.

Kiro: "I picked it up from the table." XD

Romeo: "O.O That was my spoon..." xD

Kiro: "oops." He gave Romeo his spoon back.

Kiro: started to pretend that never happened. >​.>​ <.< >​.>​

Romeo: He laughed a little. "I dont care." He didnt need it anyways.

Kiro: "Okay." He smiled dorkishly.

Romeo: He laughed, handing the spoon back.

Kiro: "Why are you giving me this back?" He looked shock. xD He has an evil plan with this spoon >:D

Romeo: "I dont need it..." >​.>​

Kiro: He took the spoon and threw it at Strify's head. "Thanks, Romeo." He said as he got up from the chair and he started walking away.

Yu: He wasn't paying attention, was more focused on the city.

Strify: "Hey!" He said, picking up the spoon and threw it at Kiro's head.

Kiro: It hit him on the head!! D: He picked up the spoon again and threw it again, this time running to his car to hide. XD

Strify: He got up and ran after him, and went around the car and throwing the spoon again. xD

Yu: He noticed what was going on. "Why does this happen?" He asked the others who aren't involved with the spoon fight.

Kiro: "JERK!!." He yelled at Strify and he threw the spoon at Strify. Sticking out his tongue.

Strify: "I'm not a jerk!" He yelled, throwing the spoon at Kiro, again.

Kiro: "Yes, you are Strify." He said as the spoon hit him. He decided to ignore the spoon. xD

Strify: "How is that?" He asked.

Kiro: "You threw a spoon at me."

Strify: "You threw it at me first."

Kiro: "So?"

Strify: "I had the right to throw it back at you."

Kiro: "Since when?" HE started to get 'angry'. "Is it because of the cookie jar? D:"

Shin: "Dramatic."

Strify: "No, you threw it at me!"

Romeo: He nodded. "Very.":

Kiro: "The cookie jar?"

Yu: He laughed under his breath. XD

Strify: "No, its not about the cookie jar. I told you, you threw the spoon at me so I threw it back."

Kiro: "whatever." He said, turning his back to Strify.

Strify: "You're mad at me for throwing a spoon at you?"

Kiro: "What if I told you yes." XD He trying his best not to laugh that Strify actually thinks that he's pissed.

Strify: "I dont know."

Kiro: "Then yes, I am mad at you." Still not facing him.

Strify: "That's not right." He crossed his arms.

Kiro: "how come?"

Strify: "I just threw a spoon at you, and now you're pissed."

Kiro: "Yes." He nodded.

Yu: This is better then television sometimes.

Strify: "Well why?"

Kiro: "Because you threw a spoon at my head and that could be considered abuse. D:" Strify should realize that he's joking now. XD

Strify: He laughed a little. "Well I did call the FBI, so you can do that too if you want."

Kiro: "Hand me the banana." XD

Strify: "It's at the apartment, we're going to have to go back and get it." (*denies pervy thoughts once again xD*)

Kiro: "Damn." He puts his head down.

Yu: "Did I just hear something about a banana?" O_O

Strify: "So if we go back to the apartment, you can call the FBI."

Romeo: O.O "I think so..."

Kiro: "Will do that later."

Strify: "Okay." ^^ "Then it will be the same probally, something we agree to, and then you calling them back and being rude xD"

Kiro: "I'm suprized they haven't arrested you for being rude."

Strify: "Well if they arrest you they would reconize me." xD

Kiro: "Wait, why would they arrest me?"

Strify: "If you be rude to them, but I could also say you hit me with a spoon..Or poking my sides..." xD

Kiro: "I like poking your sides. D:"

Luminor: O.O "What about poking his sides?"

Strify: "Well then dont call the FBI on me." ^^ "Then you can still poke my sides."

Kiro: He cough a bit. "I was poking his sides earlier and he called the FBI on me." He told Luminor.

Luminor: He looked between the two, weirded out. "Why were you poking his sides, and why would you call the FBI on it?" He was sooo confused. xD

Kiro: "Because I felt like to." O.O

Luminor: "Okay then..." He walked away, not wanting to hear about it anymore, thinking they have issues. xD

Yu: He looked at Luminor. "Why did they mention something about banana's." Becuase Luminor MIGHT know. [I AM SORRY XD I couldn't resist xD]

Kiro: "bye." ^^

Luminor: "I have no idea, and I dont want to know, but I think it has something to do with poking sides, and the FBI."

Strify: He waved.

Yu: "What? O.O"

Kiro: He looked at Strify. "I'm going to my car." XD TO GET THE BANANA >:D

Romeo: "What the hell just happened...?"

Strify: "Why?"

Yu: "I'm not sure...O.O...."

Kiro: "I want to call the FBI."

Strify: "Really...? You're getting the banana?"

Kiro: He nodded and held back laughter. "oh, wait." He ran to where the others are. "Do you guys want to go to my apartment, I need to go over there to call the FBI with the banana." He said in a straight face.

Strify: He laughed a little.

Romeo: O.O...

Yu: "Okay....?"

Shin: "That makes sence."

Luminor: "Okay, I think we got this cleared up now..."

Kiro: "What cleared up?" O.O

Luminor: "Why you would call the FBI with poking sides, and whatever you are calling about now."

Kiro: "Strify hit me with a spoon." He said, >​.>​ XD realizing his plan failed D:. "But anyweays do you guys wanna go? XD There nothing there but still."

Luminor: He had to see this. "Yeah, I'll go."

Yu: "Same."

Shin: He's queit anyways XD

Romeo: "Yeah, I want to go..."

Kiro: "Okay." ^^

Strify: He was at the car, waiting for Kiro to get back. XD

Kiro: Creator read that wrong XD FIXXXXXXXX "I'll be there, okay?" he went to his car and sees Strify. "Why are you here?"

Strify: "I want to see you call the FBI XDXDXD"

Kiro: "no, I want to call them when you aren't around." XD He went inside of the car.

Strify: "Okay, call me when they are supose to get me." He walked back into McDonalds. xD

Kiro: "Okay." He drove the car to his place. XD

Strify: He walked over to Yu. "Can I come?" xD

Yu: "yeah."

Strify: "Okay :D"

---------at the apartment XD----------

Strify: And he walks into the apartment, seeing if Kiro would notice xD

Kiro: He went looking for the banana and he sees the guys. "Oh, hi. You like it?" XD Not sure how long they have been there. XD

Strify: He found the banana where he put it and grabbed it, putting it behind his back.

Romeo: "Nice place."

Kiro: He looked at Strify. "You have it, don't you?" He looked at Romeo. "Thanks." Then he went after Strify.

Strify: He hid behind some boxes. "I dont have it!" He said with a stright face, well more like a small smile

Kiro: "Give me that banana." He stopped at his tracks and went to go get another banana.

Yu: "are we just here for entertainment?"

Strify: "No!" He yelled, going after the other bananas

Romeo: "It seems like it." He sighed.

Kiro: He got one of the banana and called the FBI.

Yu: "Sadly, there aren't any chairs around to sit on."

Strify: "No!" He said in defeat.

Romeo: "Yeha, thats a bummer."

Kiro: "Um...is this the FBI." "okay, I have a report of a guy throwing a spo-" "what? n-" "okay, fine." He said in defeat and he put the banana on the table. "They think that I am prank calling them because of the many calls they got from here.

Strify: "I just called two times..."

Kiro: "I know." he stared at the floor.

Yu: He whispered. "They do know that they are joking around, right?"

Strify: "Well then none of us will be going to jail then."

Romeo: "i hope so." He whispered back.

Kiro: "Yep..." He said, and sighed. Then he looked at the others and started to laugh.

Strify: He sighed, and looked at the others, then laughed.

Yu: He looked at Shin, Luminor, and Romeo for answers on what's going on.

Shin: At least the singer isn't in depression He thought to himself and he shrugged at Yu's 'question'.

Strify: "What are you looking at?" He asked, confused.

Yu: "Wonder what's going on." O.O

Strify: "The FBI thinks we're pranking them because I called two times."

Kiro: He got up after laughing for a bit, and went to somewheres.

Yu: "you do know that 1) there aren't any FBI in germany, and 2) That was a banana that Kiro called into."

Strify: "Yes, but there are some in America." The only reason he knew that was because of tours. "And yes, I know it was a banana."

Yu: "Okay, I was wondering if you two were on drugs."

Strify: "No, maybe hyper, but no drugs."

Yu: "Hmm..." XD

Strify: He nodded.

Shin: "You were sad yesterday, and now your hyper and happy, why?" He asked randomly, mostly because he might have been the only one to notice it.

Strify: He shrugged. "Mood changes?"

Shin: that couldn't be the answer. He made a look that made it obvious that he knew Strify wasn't saying anything the truth or however you make a sentence about that.

Strify: He ignored Shin's look, not wanting to tell the truth.

Kiro: HE came back into the silent living room. Feeling some odd feeling in the room. "okay..." O.O

Strify: "Okay what?" He asked, hoping the subject of his mood change didnt come up again

Kiro: "It's queit and it seemed like there was a conversation here that didn't turn out good."

Strify: "Not really." He said, acting like the convo with Shin didnt mean anything big.

Kiro: "Okay." <.< Hates not knowing what's going on. He looked at the clock, it's late.

Strify: He nodded.
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Scene 4 [Date: Unknown]
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