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 Scene 3 [Date: Unknown]

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Scene 3 [Date: Unknown] Empty
PostSubject: Scene 3 [Date: Unknown]   Scene 3 [Date: Unknown] EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 5:40 pm

Strify: He had finally calmed down, and went to get a glass of water.

Kiro: It's been a few days since he told the band about his moving and he had most of his things packed up. Right now, he decided to take a break for a bit and get some lunch. He went down the stairs, went to the kitchen and started to make a sandwhich. He sees Strify. "Hi."

Strify: He looked over to Kiro. He hadnt left his room unless to get a drink or use the restroom. "Hi."

Kiro: "How are you?" He saud as he grabbed the sandwhich and bit into it.

Strify: "Fine." He sighed. He didnt like the fact that Kiro was leaving. "You.?"

Kiro: "I'm good, why are you just fine?" He can see with Strify's face that something is bothering him. And he had a feeling on what it could be.

Strify: He shrugged. "Thats just how I feel today."

Kiro: "okay...." he walked up to Strify and hugged him. "I'm sorry, if I'm hurting you. It's not your fault." He's been looking for a place a month before Strify had confessed.

Strify: "You're fine." He whispered.

Kiro: What? "okay." He just hoped that Strify would get better.

Strify: He sighed and let go of the hug. He wished he could have it forever. He got another glass of water, since the first one was empty.

Kiro: "I'm gonna go now, okay?" he tells Strify as he walked to his room.

Strify: He nodded and put his cup in the sink, then going back to his room.

------------hours later cause creator is out of it xD-------------

Strify: He decided to try to interact or something so he went downstairs and sat on the couch.

Shin: He was the one in the living room. Everyone, who is Yu and Romeo, had left the house. He knew that Kiro is still packing and Strify is still crying a bit. He was a bit suprized when he seen Strify.

Strify: He looked at the TV.

Shin: "How are you?" He asked Strify. Wanting to make a conversation for once since this RP had started.

Strify: "Fine." He replied, looking over to Shin. "You?"

Shin: "Okay." HE said as creator forgot that he's quiet. XD

Strify: He nodded, looking back at the TV.

Luminor: He walked into the house.

Shin: "Hey, Luminor." Sometimes the quietness is a bit too unbarable.

Luminor: "Hi." He looked around the house, it was quiet. "Where is everyone?"

Shin: "Yu and Romeo left the house, and Kiro is upstairs packing up." He told him.

Luminor: "He's moving out?" He asked.

Strify: He left the room, going back to him own room. He didnt want to hear about it.

Shin: "Yep."

Luminor: "Well that kind of sucks." He sighed, taking a seat on the couch.

Shin: "It is." Especially seeing someone all depressed about it and he's trying his best not to show it but it's sooo obvious.

Luminor: "Yeah." He wondered what was wrong with Strify.

Shin: It's kind of obvious. "So what are you doing here?"

Luminor: "Decided to come by and say hi." He didnt like that this house is so quiet.

Shin: "Hello." He said back. WTF? XD

Luminor: He laughed a bit. "Hey there."

Shin: "I don't think that you'll get Strify to talk. And that is rare." He told him.

Luminor: "Why not?" He asked.

Shin: "he's been all cooped up and possibly crying." He's just talking to him.

Luminor: "I wonder why." He sighed.

Shin: "Just think about it."

Luminor: "Well isnt Kiro leaving? And when did he start to be depressed?"

Shin: "When Kiro told th band that he found an apartment to live at." He didn't think about it much. He just think that Strify didn't want any of the members leave the house.

Luminor: "Well thats odd." And Strify usually never cries. Not that he knows of.

Shin: "It is..."

Luminor: "Maybe its just because Kiro's leaving or something." He tried to think of a logical reason for Strify to act this way.

Shin: "Yeah..Propably."

Luminor: He sighed. "Maybe we can try to talk to him?"

Shin: "We could try."

Luminor: "Okay." He got up and started to go to Strify's room.

Shin: HE knocked on the door.

Strify: "Who is it?" He asked, wiping away the tears and pretended to act fine.

Shin: "it's Shin and Luminor."

Strify: He sighed. "Come in."

Shin: He walked into the room.

Luminor: He followed him into the room.

Shin: He looked at Luminor to ask the question.

Strify: "What's up?" He tried to act happy.

Luminor: "Whats wrong?" He asked.

Strify: "Nothing."

Shin: He doesn't know what to say.

Luminor: "You sure?" It seemed obvious that he wasnt his usual self. "Whats bothering you?"

Strify: "Nothing, I said I'm fine." He sighed.

Shin: YEAh right.

Luminor: He sighed. "Just tell us."

Strify: "I said its nothing." He argued.

Luminor: He sighed. "Fine. Whatever." He walked out of the room.

Shin: HE gave up easily? He looked at Strify. "Are you sure?"

Strify: "I'm fine."

Shin: HE nodded and left the room. "Luminor, Why did you gave up easily?"

Luminor: "It's obvious he isnt gonna tell us whats wrong."

Shin: "Yeah, I can see that."

Luminor: "So it is useless to try to get it out of him." He sighed.

Shin: "do you know anyone who could have possibly got it out of him?"

Luminor: "Maybe Kiro?" He could be the answer.

Shin: "yeah."

Kiro joined the chat

Luminor: He went to Kiro's room, and knocked on the door.

Kiro: He stoppped packing at looked at the door. "Hello?"

Luminor: "It's Luminor and Shin, can we come in?"

Kiro: "Yes, you can." He said as he sits on the bed.

Luminor: He walked into the room. "Do you know whats wrong with Strify?"

Kiro: He shook his head. Then he thought about it. "Not really."

Luminor: He sighed. "Do you know anything that could've caused him to act this way?"

Kiro: "Have you asked him about it?" He's not too sure,

Luminor: "Yeah, he wont tell us anything." He sighed.

Kiro: He looked at Luminor. Sometimes when Strify gets in a bad mood he tells at least to Luminor but what? "That's odd."

Luminor: "Yeah, Shin said he started to feel this way when you said you were moving." He sighed. Could Kiro be the reason?

Kiro: OH shit. "hmmm...."

Luminor: "Yeah, but we arnt too sure." He sighed.

Kiro: "Do you have any possibilities on why?" He won't tell, it's Strify's secret only for Strify to tell, not him.

Luminor: He shook his head. "No, we have no clue. Unless he is hiding something from us."

Kiro: He is "Yeah, maybe...."

Luminor: "Well I wish he would tell us."

Kiro: "Do you have any ideas on what it is?"

Luminor: He shook his head. "He's never depressed, so I dont know whats wrong with him."

Kiro: "Never?" He's usually not around Strify this long.

Luminor: "Not that I know of." He sighed.

Kiro: "Shit." He said under his breath. "Um...that's new to me actually"

Luminor: "His depression?" He asked.

Kiro: "Yeah, it's new to me. I thought that he would have had it at one point before." Now he feels like crap. [O____O In Your Cage's BRIDGE SOUNDS AMAZING!!!]

Luminor: He shrugged. "He might've at one point that we didnt catch." (Nice Very Happy *will listen to it tommarrow, is listening for my mom and not aloud to today Razz)

Kiro: "Oh..."

Luminor: He nodded.

Kiro: "Well, I hope that you guys can figure out what's wrong with him." He smiled.

Luminor: "Yeah, lets just hope he'll tell us, just in case." If he doesnt talk to someone, it could end badly

Kiro: "Yeah..." He thought about telling them on what it could be.

Luminor: He sighed, trying to figure out what was wrong with him.

Kiro: He went to one of the boxes and duct taped it.

Luminor: "Want some help?" He asked.

Kiro: "yeah." He was the first person to ask.

Luminor: He grabbed the duct tape and helped close and tape boxes.

Kiro: "Thank you." He told Luminor, Shin left sometime ago. He grabbed some of the clothes that he didn't pack up yet.

Luminor: "You're welcome." He helped clean up what was left of the room.

Kiro: And almost everything is packed. "You were the first person to ask to help." He looked at Luminor.

Luminor: "I wonder why the others didnt." He handed Kiro the extra stuff he found.

Kiro: "Strify's was obvious, Yu seemed like he was pissedat me, and I didn't really ask them to help." He said like it didn't bother him.

Luminor: "What's on your mind?" He asked. He kind of felt like a therapist.

Kiro: "Um...It's nothing to worry about. It's just feel like I'm hurting them."

Luminor: "Why would you be hurting them?"

Kiro: "BEcause it seemed that everyone was disapointed when I told them."

Luminor: "Well it was your choice to move out, so there isnt anything that you can do." He sighed. "When are you leaving?"

Kiro: "Um...maybe tomorrow."

Kiro: [Since when did I have Bad Romance by Lady Gaga *that isn't a Rock cover >​.>​*]

Luminor: "Alright. I'll help you load up the car and everything."

Kiro: He nodded. "Thanks, but I'll do that by myself. I think you did alot of help for today." He tells Luminor.

Luminor: He sighed. "Okay."

Kiro: "Thank you for the help." That he said like a million times by now.

Luminor: "I said you're welcome." He laughed a little.

Kiro: "Sorry, Mind has been in a ruckus, so nothing is processing right." He looked around to see if had everything packed or not.

Luminor: He laughed. "It's alright."

Kiro: It's not funny. "When is supper?" He realized that he was hungry, and it's propably like 7pm by then.

Luminor: "Umm...Not sure...I dont know if everyone is here yet..."

Shin: They are.

Kiro: "What time is it?" He at least needed to know that.

Luminor: He tried to find a clock, then found one in the other room. "Its about 7:30."

Kiro: "Shit." he went downstairs and went to get something.

Luminor: He went downstairs too.

Kiro: He grabbed a biscut and started to bite it.

Luminor: He made himself a sandwitch, and started to eat it.

Kiro: Sandwitch? LOL He looked around to see if the others, meaning Yu and Romeo, are back.

Luminor: He finished his sandwitch. xD

Kiro: He walked up to Strify's room and knocked on the door.

Strify: He heard a knock at the door, again. "Who is it?"

Kiro: "It's Kiro, I was wanting to know if you had any food yet." He's not sure if Strify had left the room to get food.

Strify: "I'm not very hungry." He said. All he's had that day was water.

Kiro: That is a no, he guesses. He sighed. "What do you want?"

Strify: "I'm fine." He said, laying down on his bed.

Kiro: He went downstairs to get a cookie and went back up. "Can I come in?"

Strify: He sighed. "Yeah, come in."

Kiro: He opened to door and walked in. He sat on the bed and gave Strify a cookie. "Here."

Strify: He took the offer and nibbled on the cookie. "Thanks."

Kiro: He laugh a bit. "What's going on with you?"

Strify: "What do you mean?" He asked.

Kiro: "You've been staying in your room all day."

Strify: He shrugged. "I've been lazy." He tried to fake a smile.

Kiro: "if you've been lazy you would be at least in the living room telling people what they should do."

Strify: He shrugged. "I've just been in here." He sighed.

Kiro: "Not telling people what they should do?!?! This isn't like you!" He fake gasps, trying to make the guy laugh.

Shin: He walked up to Luminor. "Did you find out through him?"

Strify: He smiled a little. "I bet I'll be better by tommarrow." He didnt think so, but he didnt want to worry Kiro.

Luminor: "No." He sighed.

Kiro: He looked at him seriously. "You better." He's telling sTrify what to do, he just want to know if he's not entirely depressed.

Shin: Mental facpalm

Strify: "I will." ]I hope

Kiro: "Alright, prove it. Walk out of this room and go get something to eat."

Strify: "I said tommarrow, not today." He protested.

Kiro: "Well, you're not going to start unless you try now!" Seriously? Why is he trying to get him out of bed?

Strify: "Why?" He asked.

Kiro: "Cause there are people that are worried about you and one of them is a guest."

Strify: "Why are they worried?"

Kiro: "Because you aren't acting like yourself, you're beig all depressed." That is sooo unlike Strify.

Strify: "Yeah, well thats just for today, I bet." He sighed.

Kiro: Just today? "Well, they are wanting you out of this funk right. now."

Strify: "Why?"

Kiro: "I just told you why..." He needs some help to get him out of this.

Strify: "Well what if I want to get out of the funk tomarrow?"

Kiro: "The guest won't be here by then and I'm leaving tomorrow."

Strify: He sighed. Why tommarrow...?

Kiro: "Well, we're going to be in the living room." He left the room and went there.

Strify: "Okay..."

Kiro: He looked at the others in the living room. He's stubborn.

Luminor: "Anything?" He asked.

Kiro: "Nope, he's just stobborn." He told Luminor, know what he is talking about.

Yu: "Who is stubborn?" He just went into the conversation.

Luminor: He sighed. "He better get out of there soon." "Strify." He told Yu.

Yu: "oh.."

Luminor: He nodded.

Kiro: "I know." Who else could help?

Romeo: He's been interested in the conversation.

Kiro: He sat on the floor.

Luminor: "What now?"

Kiro: "I don't know..." He thought about stealing the cookies to see if he would notice, but he propably won't. Wait, could he break a glass and make it seem like the jar broke again?

Luminor: He sighed.

Strify: He decided to take Kiro's advice and get out of the room, so he left his room but sat at the top of the stairs.

Yu: Creator doesn't know what to post.

Kiro: He is still sitting.

Luminor: He sees Strify at the top of the stairs.

Kiro: "So...what now?"

Luminor: He shrugged. "At least he's out of the room."

Strify: He just sits there.

Kiro: "Hmm.what?" He looked at the stairs. Oh...

Strify: He puts his head on his knees.

Kiro: He got up from the ground and sat on the couch.

Luminor: "Well at least we know he's alive."

Kiro: "Yep.."

Strify: Why is everyone so worried?

Kiro: He looked around the house to find something to do. Why must it be awkward right now? He puts his head against the wall.

Yu: .............Creator got nothing for him.

Luminor: He goes to the kichen, he doesnt want to do nothing at the moment.

Romeo: ...He just sits there.... >​.>​

Yu: "alright." He got up from the couch or whatever he was sitting on. "This silence is getting no where."

Kiro: HE looked at Yu oddly.

Luminor: He is still in the kichen.

Romeo: "How?" He's a little confused.

Yu: "Well, no one is talking." And it's a bit too quiet for this house.

Romeo: He nods. "Yeah..."

Yu: He walked to his room.

Strify: He gets up, since the silence is unbearable, and he gets a cookie, and sits down.

Kiro: He feels guilty for the quietness Razz

Strify: "Why is everyone so quiet?"

Shin: "Maybe because they can feel tension in the air or something like that."

Strify: He sat wide-eyed for a second. "You talked..."

Shin: -_-<- that smilie. "Of course I do." When has he ever thought that he doesn't?

Strify: He laughed a little. He was kind of surpirised. "I know that." He's just didnt see him for a while, since he was up in this room all the time.

Shin: Sarcastic tone. "Riiiiight."

Kiro: HE was looking at the top of the room xD

Strify: He laughed. "It's true!"

Shin: He laughed a bit.

Romeo: He got up and walked around.

Kiro: He got up from the floor and decided to make some pop-corn.

Strify: He stayed sitting on the bottom of the stairs.

Kiro: "Who wants popcorn?"

Luminor: "I'm good.."

Strify: "Yeah, sure." Might as well eat like Kiro told him to.

Shin: "Already had something to eat earlier."

Romeo: He's outside now. xD

Kiro: HE nodded and got the popcorn in the microwave.

Strify: He looks around, not sure what to do.

Kiro: POPCORN IS READY!!! Very Happy "Alright, it's done." he said, but not loud enough for them to hear. He grabs his bag and went to the living room.

Strify: He smelt popcorn, and saw Kiro go to the living room with it.

Shin: O.o...Where's his?

Kiro: He noticed that he was being looked at. "The popcorn is ready." o.o

Strify: He laughed. "I see that." He gets up and gets a handful.

Shin: He got one of the extra bags.

Strify: And he eats it. He hopes Kiro is happy now that he is eating.

Kiro: He is. "Well, I guess it's just us now." Where's Luminor? XD

Luminor: He turns away from the TV. "Huh?"

Kiro: Mental facepalm. "I didn't see you there." He laughed. XD

Luminor: He laughed. "Am I getting as quiet as Shin?" He laughed a bit.

Shin: Is not taking that offensive. >​.>​

Kiro: "For right now, you are."

Luminor: He laughed.

Kiro: "What are we watching?" He asked Luminor. 'Well actually, I mean what is he watching?'

Luminor: "Some random shit I found." He laughed.

Kiro: He nodded. Also a bit tired of being the only one trying to make a conversation. He slumped on the couch/chair or whatever he's on. xD

Strify: He got up and went to his room again, since no one is talking at all, why is he out there then?

Kiro: 'Why this again?' He got up from the chair/couch, again whatever it is, and threw a popcorn at Strify.

Strify: He felt something hit his back. He turned around, and realized it was popcorn. "What was that for?"

Kiro: He turned around pretended that he didn't do that. "What was what for?" He's trying to change the mood here.

Strify: "Who threw the popcorn at me?" He was sooo confused.

Shin: "Not me."

Kiro: He had a smile on his face but he tried his best from not laughing.

Strify: He looked around, thinking it was probally Kiro. He sighed, sitting back down, since he clearly wanted him to stay.

Kiro: 'It worked.' "Okay, I did it." He said as he acted like some crime had happened.

Strify: "I kind of noticed." He smiled a little. "But if you really want, we can make this a crime scene."

Kiro: 'Oh, god.' "How?" He's cirious.

Strify: "Yellow duct tape, we can make paper into those number thingies, and we can try to find baggies to put evidance in." He just wanted Kiro to know he is fine, but this also sounds fun.

Kiro: "Okay?" He looked at Strify as if he's gone crazy. 'where id he get this idea?'

Strify: "Do we have any duct tape?" He asked.

Romeo: He doesnt want to get involved.

Kiro: "I....don't think so...

Kiro: " And it's not duct tape that they use. XD

Strify: He sighed. "Do we have any form of tape?" And markers...

Kiro: "Maybe...." Not sure where they would be at. He looked at the bathroom to look for them. "Adhesive tape?" It's not yellow but it could work. Wait, why is he looking for this?

Strify: "It'll work." He took the tape, deciding he doesnt need the yellow, but he took a marker and wrote 'CRIME SCENE' on it and taped the stairs. "No one go there." He pointed to the stairs.

Yu: He walked into this at the wrong time. "Why?" He looked at Strify with a what-the-hell look.

Kiro: HE started to laugh. At least Strify is acting better.

Strify: "Crime scene, back away." He pushed Yu away from the stairs.

Yu: He looked at the guys. "What happened here?"

Strify: "Be a cop!" He yelled at Yu. "Take Kiro to jail!"

Yu: "What did Kiro do?" And he doesn't have any hand cuffs with him.

Kiro: He puts his hands up and ran out of the room, laughing in the progress.

Strify: He found a peice of string. "Use this." He pointed to Shin. "You are a witness. Go with Officer Yu." He pulled Shin up to go with Kiro and Yu.

Shin: "I didn't see what happened."

Strify: He sighed. "Who did then? This cant be a crime scene if there are no witness'!"

Yu: "First, tell me what did Kiro do? Then I'll use these." He took the string. 'What the fuck?'

Strify: "He threw popcorn at me. He confessed like a crime scene, so I'm giving him a crime scene."

Yu: He laughed. "This is your problem, not mine." He said, gave Strify the string back.

Strify: "Come on, please help me!" He pleaded like a little kid. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!"

Yu: "Can't, I'm off shift." He's going along with the joke.

Strify: "Well you're back on, this needs all officers present."

Yu: "No, I'm not."

Strify: "Why not?"

Yu: "Because this is a pointless case." He shook is head. "Go talk to Officer Romeo then if you want this 'crime' to be solved." 'Why am I going along to this?'

Strify: "Officer Romeo, take Kiro to jail!"

Romeo: He looked over to Strify. "I dont want to get involved with this..."

Yu: He left the room.

Strify: "Awww come on!!!" He sighed. "Fine, I'll take Kiro to jail, I'll be the FBI agent, I'll be the judge..." He mummbled to himself, 'handcuffing' Kiro.

Kiro: His eyes went wide and started hiding from Strify. XD

Strify: He followed Kiro.

Strify: "Put your hands up!" He said, acting like he had a gun. XD

Kiro: "No!" He yelled, laughing at the same time. He went to a corner accedently. "Shit."

Strify: He laughed a little, pointing the 'gun' in Kiro's direction. "Hands up!"

Kiro: "Never!" He told him. Pretended to bring out a 'gun of his own.

Strify: "Shit!" He yelled, getting down to the floor. "Put the gun down!" 'Where is back-up when you need it?'

Strify: (haha no, it doesnt have to XD we can put it on there saying it was something we thought of, then maybe change it up for the story? O.o)

Kiro: "Why should I? All I did to you agent is throw a popcorn at your head." He said with his eyes narrowing. Still holding the 'gun' up.

Strify: "That's a criminal offence!" He yelled. "And if you shoot, I will get you sued!" He kept the 'gun' pointed at Kiro.

Kiro: "How? and since when?" He crooked a smile. "I don't have any money for you to sue me for." He said to him, acting like he's actually a criminal.

Strify: "Rule 335 in the FBI Secret Handbook. The only reason is because you're a criminal, so you didnt know." He stayed on the floor.

Kiro: "Then how could I be in trouble, if no one like me would have known about it?"

Strify: "As I said, secret handbook! No one knows exept the most eperianced FBI Agents." He smiled a bit. "And you wouldnt know, since you are a criminal."

Kiro: "But what if I was just a passing stranger and they accedently throw a popcorn at your head?" He said to Strify, 'gun' still pointed at him.

Strify: "Well we have records of you as a criminal." He smirked. "We know all of the bad things you did, like break that cookie jar, Rule 775."

Kiro: "Hey, you said that was okay!!"

Strify: "A Secret Agent never lets his victums go." He smirked.

Kiro: Creator thought dirty xD. "Since when?"

Strify: "Since the FBI Agency created it." Now creator is thinking dirty D:

Kiro: "Let me guess, you right?" He pointed at Strify, still having the 'gun'. [and the bondage referense XD]

Strify: "DONT SHOOT!" He yelled.

Kiro: "What?" He's a bit lost. He had the gun pointed at Strify for the whole time. XD

Strify: "You loaded the gun!" He hid behind the table. "Put the weapon down!"

Kiro: "OH..." He got it. He pointed the 'gun' at Strify again. "Why should I? It's not like you're going to let me go."

Strify: "You're a criminal! You need to go to jail!"

Kiro: "Since when?!?!?!?!"

Strify: "Since I told you to!" 'Little does he know the jail is the bathroom xD'

Kiro: He shot the gun at Strify. His eyes went wide. "That was an accident!!"

Kiro: 'gun'***

Strify: He went wide-eyed, then acted like he was dying. xD

Kiro: "oh god." He went up to Strify. "I'm soo going to jail for this, ain't I?"

Strify: And he acted like he was dead. xD

Kiro: "I killed him." He looked at the dead body, grabbed the string and tied one of Strify's wrists to the table. "Okay." He smiled and left the room. He walked into the living room. "Strify had been shot." He says it as if it weren't a problem.

Luminor: "What?" He asked.

Kiro: "I said that Strify has been shot." He looked at them as if they don't know what he's talking about. "Wait." He laughed. "I mean, 'shot'" He siad with airquotes on shot.

Luminor: He laughed a bit. "And you're actually playing along with it?"

Kiro: "Yeah?" Did he do something wrong to play along with it.

Luminor: "Well where is he?"

Kiro: "Tied up in the extra room. Pretending that he's dead."

Luminor: "Tied up?" He asked.

Kiro: "Yep, his wrist is tied up to the table in there."

Luminor: He laughed. "I wonder when he will notice."

Kiro: "I'm suprized that he didn't realize when I was tieing it, since he was actually awake when he 'died'." He laughed.

Luminor: He laughed.

Strify: He finally 'woke up' and was trying to get untied. "Kiro! Get these things off of me!"

Kiro: He herd Strify and he laughed again. "NO!"

Strify: He groaned. "Come on! Help me!"

Kiro: "Can't!" yelled again.

Strify: "Why not?"

Yu: <.< >​.>​ What?

Shin: Is snoozing xD

Kiro: "Because..." Looked at Luminor for a reason why and mouthed, 'help.'

Luminor: "Because he's holding you hostage!" He yelled.

Kiro: He looked at Luminor wide eyed. "Your going along with this?" He doesn't mind. "Yeah!!....I guess."

Strify: He groaned.

Luminor: "You told me to help." He shrugged.

Kiro: "Okay..."

Strify: "Come on! Help me!"

Kiro: "No!"

Strify: "Come on! If you're actually holding me hostage, wouldnt you be in the room with me so I dont text anyone to save me?"

Kiro: He started to laugh. "I guess so.." He got up from the couch and went to the rooom. "I see you aren't asking for help."

Strify: He glaired at him. "I just was!" To the other guys. "But no one will help me!"

Kiro: "Hmmm....I wonder why?" He smilied ^^ 'They are on my side.'

Strify: He sighed. "Are they seriously on your side?" He would be here all night if they were.

Kiro: "Wait, what?" He thought that. O_O

Strify: He sighed. "Get me out of this!"

Kiro: "Why should I? You were going to put me in jail."

Strify: "So? You killed me!"

Kiro: "And somehow you're still alive. and it was an accident when I killed you." ._.

Strify: "So, it was on purpose when you threw popcorn at me."

Kiro: "Yes...>​.>​ I didn't just want you to go back to your room and sulk again."

Strify: "I wasnt going to! Everyone was quiet so why would I do that?"

Kiro: "You were going to your room, Strify..." .-.

Strify: "As I said, there was nothing to do!" Part of that was right.

Kiro: "Seriously? You're always the one who comes up with stuff!" He didn't mean to yell, but sometime you have to.

Strify: "That's why I came up with this!" He yelled back.

Kiro: "I know that, but what would you have done, if I didn't thrown that popcorn at you!"

Strify: "Exactly..." He sighed. There was no point in fighting with him.

Kiro: He doesn't get what he ment by that but he gives up and cuts the string. "There you go."

Strify: "Thank you..." He gets up.

Kiro: "You're welcome."

Kiro: He went back to the living room.

Strify: He followed him, sitting on the stairs again.

Romeo: He got lost in the TV again, and found everyone in the room. "What happened?"

Kiro: He's not going to talk about it, mostly because the creator forgot. *looks at it xD* He looked at Romeo.."Hmm?" Pretending that he didn't hear him.

Romeo: He sighed. "Nevermind."

Kiro: He nodded.

Strify: He put his chin onto his knees.

Yu: "It just got quiet all of a sudden." They herd parts of the arguement.

Strify: "Huh?" He wasnt paying much attention.

Kiro: .-.

Kiro: Hates arguements.

Kiro: Just wanted to point that out.

Strify: He got up again, got a cookie, and went to his room, just wanting to get away for a bit

Kiro: He started to look at the TV, trying to not pay attention to anything.

Luminor: "What was that argument about?" He was refering the question to Kiro, and maybe Strify.

Kiro: "Um.....Strify being stubborn." He said without a tone in it. xD

Luminor: "You guys were pretending to be in a crime scene, how was he being stubborn?"

Kiro: "That wasn't it." Doesn't want to talk about it.

Luminor: "Well then what was it?" He's curious.

Kiro: "The reason why I threw the popcorn at his head."

Luminor: He still didnt get it. "Well why did you?"

Kiro: "He was going back to his room and stay in there again." He looked at the stairs. "Which he did anyway." He said under his breath.

Luminor: He sighed. "I still wonder why he hasnt."

Kiro: He looked at Luminor oddly. "Hasn't what?"

Luminor: "Told us whats wrong with him."

Kiro: He sighed. "I don't think that he'll never tell us anything why."

Luminor: He sighed. "It's too bad..."

Kiro: "Is there a way to find out?"

Luminor: He shrugged. "He wont tell me anything."

Kiro: He nodded and went to get a drink.

Luminor: He sighed. He wished Strify would speak up.

Kiro: "I'm going to be in my room and getting all the boxes into the car, okay?" He told his friends as he went upstairs to his to do that. XD

Luminor: "Okay." He said.

Yu: Wasn't paying attention. xD

Strify: He sighed, hearing parts of the conversation from the living room. He didnt want Kiro to go.

Kiro: He's getting the boxes into the car.

Luminor: He walked upstiars and helped with boxes xD

-----after an hour xD----------

Strify: He went downstairs to get a drink.

Kiro: He closed the back of the car and locked it. He kept a few things in there so he could sleep. He sighed. "This is going to be depressing." He said as he walked back into the house.

Strify: He heard the door open and close, but he just got some more water.

Kiro: He decided to attack Strify from behind. He sneaked behind him. "Boo!."

Strify: He jumped a bit, then realized it was Kiro. "What was that for?"

Kiro: "Um...I wanted to." Was there a real reason?

Strify: "Ohh..." He sighed and put the glass in the sink.

Kiro: "So what are you up to?" Trying to make the mood happier.

Strify: "I had a drink of water."

Kiro: He looked at him as of he's just lost all fun. "That's fun."

Strify: "I guess so." He sat down on the nearest chair.

Kiro: He looked around. "Where is everyone?"

Strify: He shrugged. "What time is it?"

Kiro: "Um..." He looked for the clock. "19?"

Strify: "Well I dont know then."

Kiro: "Okay...So what's up?

Strify: "Umm, you just asked that..."

Kiro: "I did?" oops.

Strify: "Yeah..." He sighed.

Kiro: "Oops." He looked at the ground.

Strify: "It's okay..." He tried to 'smile'.

Kiro: He looked at the stairs, and laughed. "The tape is still there."

Strify: He looked over to the stairs, and smiled a bit. "Yeah." He took the tape off slowly.

Kiro: He helped Strify to get the tape off. "What made you think of doing this anyways?"

Strify: "Doing what?"

Kiro: "This." He held up some of the tape he got.

Strify: He shrugged. "Being happy?" Was there something wrong with it?

Kiro: He laughed. "Okay..?" That was an odd response.

Strify: He got up and threw the tape away.

Kiro: He found the popcorn he didn't finish.

Strify: He went into the living room, and sat on the floor.

Kiro: He threw away the popcorn and sees Strify on the floor. "Why are you there? No one is going to bite you?"

Strify: He shrugged. "I thought it would be comfy..." He smiled to himself a bit.

Kiro: "You're going to get your butt to start hurting."

Strify: He shrugged. "It wouldnt matter."

Kiro: "Why is that?"

Strify: "I just dont think it would."

Kiro: "Oh...Well, you will." He said trying to make a fail-of-a-joke.

Strify: "I wouldnt care..." He sighed.

Kiro: "You should." He said as he pushes Strify's shoulders.

Strify: "Why should I?"

Kiro: "Um..." He thought of how it should be a problem...he got nothing. "Um.....I don't know."

Strify: He sighed, and put his head onto the coffee table/couch, wherever he is at.

Kiro: "You're hopeless." He tells Strify, jokingly.

Strify: "Not really..."

Kiro: "How so?" ^^

Strify: "You can be hopeless too."

Kiro: "Oh, I know."

Strify: "How is that?"

Kiro: He looked at him. "Everyone is hopeless at one point." He said as if it was obvious.

Strify: He laughed a bit. "Yeah, sometimes."

Kiro: He pushed him playfully. "Yep."

Strify: He smiled. "Mmmhmm." He sighed.

Kiro: O.o.."What is it?"

Strify: "Umm...You're leaving tommarrow, right?"

Kiro: "YEs...but the place isn't far away really.." Everybody just automatically thought that it was going to be far away.

Strify: "Ohh..." He sighed. "Umm..." He didnt know what to do now. xD

Kiro: "Why would you ask that randomly?"

Strify: He shook his head. "It doesnt really matter right now...Since you arnt moving so far away..." He laughed a bit.

Kiro: "What doesn't matter right now?"

Strify: "Umm...Just something I wanted to give you before you left..."

Kiro: "and that is...?"

Strify: He sighed. "Umm..." He laughed a little. "Umm...Come here for a second..."

Kiro: "Okay.." He sat next to Strify.

Strify: He sighed a little. "Promise me this will just be between us."

Kiro: "Yeah..."

Strify: He kissed him softly xD.

Kiro: He was suprized. At first he was a bit shocked, then he isn't.

Strify: He let go of the kiss and looked down, wondering what Kiro would think. xD

Kiro: "Um..."

Strify: He waited for anything else to come out of Kiro's mouth.

Kiro: He looked at Strfiy. Not sure on what to say about it. "Thanks."

Strify: "For what?" He looked at Kiro.

Kiro: "For the present, I like it."

Strify: He smiled. "You're welcome then..." He laughed a little.

Kiro: He nodded.

Strify: He didnt like the silence, so he got a cookie. xD

Kiro: HE left D: JK. He laughed.

Strify: He took a bite of the cookie. "What?"

Kiro: "Your cookie addiction."

Strify: "It's not a bad addiction."

Kiro: "I know that."

Strify: He sighed. "Then why did you laugh?"

Kiro: "I told you, your cookie addiction." Um...HE did say that right?

Strify: "But what about the addiction?"

Kiro: "It's funny!"

Strify: "It's just a cookie addiction, I bet other people have them..." He laughed and sat back down.

Kiro: "Yep."

Strify: He finshed his cookie. "What now?"

Kiro: He shrugged. "I don't know." Not going to think about it really xD

Strify: He sighed. "That sucks." He layed his head down.

Kiro: "I was going to suggest a movie, but I think that's not a good idea." The movies are not in here. XD

Strify: He sighed. "Okay, umm...I dont know..."

Yu: He walked into the living room because he herd noises. "Hello?" He didn't see them.

Strify joined the chat

Kiro: "Shh." He whispered lightly, and laughed a bit.

Strify: He laughed lightly, hearing Yu.

Yu: He didn't get a response and left to go back to his room.

Strify: He waited a bit to check, then peaked over the couch. "He's gone." He laughed a little.

Kiro: "Good." He smiled.

Strify: He smiled. "Yeah."

Kiro: He got up from the ground and went to follow Yu, wondering how long it takes for the Guitarist to notice he's around. He turned around and looked at Strify.

Strify: He laughed and followed, but grabbed a cookie before he went with Kiro. xD

Yu: He didn't notice a thing and closed his door.

Kiro: He stopped after Yu closed the door. "What now?" HE whispered to Strify.

Strify: He thought for a moment. "Lets lay down, then when he comes out he'll trip." He laughed lightly.

Kiro: "OKay.? O.o...."

Strify: He laughed a little. "Unless you got a better idea."

Kiro: "Nope."

Strify: "Okay." He layed on the floor in front of Yu's door.

Kiro: He laughed at Strify. He shrugged and decided to do the same thing. "So how is he gonna go out of that room?"

Strify: He thought for a second. "Hold on." He got up and went to Romeo's room. "Hey, tell Yu to come to you in a few minutes, okay?"

Romeo: He looked at Strify like he was crazy. "Why...?"

Strify: "Just do it." And he left. xD

Kiro: HE started to laugh a bit, but he had to cover his mouth so this prank won't get ruined.

Strify: He layed back down, and waited for Romeo.

Romeo: He looked out his door, and saw Kiro and Strify. 'I'm not going to ask...' "Yu, come here for a second!" If he gets in trouble, its on Strify.

Yu: He got up from his bed, out of the room to trip over the Singer and Bassist. He looked over to see why he fell. "What the fuck?"

Strify: He laughed.

Romeo: "It wasnt my idea." Just saying.

Yu: "Then who's was it?

Romeo: "Strify told me to." He went back to his room.

Yu: He turned around and looked at Strify. "Strify! What in the world gave you this idea?"

Strify: He shrugged, sitting up. "What gave you the idea that I had the idea?" Mixing up his words makes it funny. xD

Yu: "Becuase you were the one to tell Romeo to call for me." -__

Strify: "Okay, it was me. But I wanted to see if you would notice." He laughed.

Yu: "I guesss it worked."

Kiro: Wait, he's still on the floor xD He got up from the floor.

Strify: "Yep, mission complete." he got up and walked down the stairs.

Yu: He went back to his room.

Kiro: ._. he's left all to himself. LOL

Strify: He got a cookie and sat down on the couch, again. xD

Kiro: He ran to where ever Strify went when he realized that he was, in fact, actually left alone.

Strify: He realized Kiro wasnt around. 'Where did he go?' He got up and started to look for the Bassist.

Kiro: He bumbed into Strify while walking down the stairs. xD

Strify: He bumped into Kiro. "I found him!" He laughed a bit.

Kiro: "WHo are you talking to? yourself?" He laughed.

Strify: "Yep. I win!" He jumps around. "Take that BOB!

Strify: " He laughed

Kiro: HE looked at Strify as if he's lost it. "Who's Bob?"

Strify: "My friend."

Kiro: "Where is he?"

Strify: "There." He pointed to the door.

Kiro: He looked at the door. "Strify, you have lost your mind."

Strify: "No I havent!" He walked to the door. "Bye, Bob." He opened the door and let 'Bob' out. xD

Kiro: "We don't have a ghost here." He told Strify.

Strify: "You never know."

Kiro: "And since when can you talk to ghosts then?"

Strify: "I'm psyhic."

Kiro: "Since when?" HE laughed. Wait. O.O "What do you know?"

Strify: He shrugged. "I dont know, and know what?"

Kiro: "I'm just asking on what you know to see if you are actually a psychic." HE's joking righjt? XD

Strify: He laughed. "Do you think Bob is real?" He isnt, but he wanted to see if Kiro believed it.

Kiro: "No."

Strify: "I dont either." He sat by the door.

Kiro: He laughed, and shook his head.

Strify: "What?" He sat with his legs out and laughed a bit for no reason.

Kiro: "oh, nothing." He smiled.

Strify: He smiled and stayed sitting.

Kiro: He went downstairs.

Strify: He realized Kiro went downstairs.

Kiro: He yawned.

Strify: He got up and went to find Kiro, once again.

Kiro: He's on the couch, watching TV.

Strify: He found Kiro on the couch, and sat on the floor next to the couch.

Kiro: "What are you doing?" He isn't laying on the couch, he's sitting? O.o...Does Strify like sitting on the floor?

Strify: "Sitting, what are you doing?" He laughed a bit.

Kiro: "Sitting and watching TV." Which he wasn't paying attention to anyways.

Strify: "Okay." He got up and sat on the couch.

Kiro: HE laughed a bit, mostly because that was a bit wierd. "Here." He gave Strify the remote since he couldn't find anything to watch. [xD]

Strify: He laughed and flipped through the channels, and decided to leave it at a random show he found.

Kiro: He leaned against one of the arm parts of the chair.

Strify: He looked at the TV, and the show wasnt too exiting.

Kiro: His eyes are closed.

Strify: He got up and got a cookie, and came back and thought Kiro was asleep. He sat down quietly and still watched TV.

Kiro: He wasn't asleep, his eyes were closed. Now, he fell asleep.

Strify: He started to hum a random song that came into his head, and tapped his foot. xD

Kiro: Is still asleep. Moved a bit to got more confortable, okay, maybe he's hlaf-way asleep.

Strify: He layed his head back, but is still awake.

Kiro: He put his head up and sees that Strify had a cookie. With his eyes halfway opened, he grabbed the cookie from Strfiy's hands and took abite from it.

Strify: He felt his half-eaten cookie get tooken away from him, and he kind of forgot about it. He looked over and saw Kiro eating it.

Kiro: He's happy that he didn't get attacked for doing that. Still halfway asleep also. xD

Strify: He took the rest of the cookie and ate it. He's kind of tired. xD

Kiro: "Aww..." He pouted. He wanted that cookie.

Strify: "What?" He laughed a little.

Kiro: "You ate the rest of the cookie." He's acting like a little kid, but then again some people act like that when they are tired.

Strify: "Yeah...Do you want another one?"

Kiro: "No..."

Strify: "Ohh..." He layed his head back down.

Kiro: He smiled sleepishly.

Strify: He's falling asleep slowly, but still awake.

Kiro: He put his head back down.

Strify: And he is sleeping. xD
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Scene 3 [Date: Unknown]
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