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 Scene 2 [Date: Unknown]

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Scene 2 [Date: Unknown] Empty
PostSubject: Scene 2 [Date: Unknown]   Scene 2 [Date: Unknown] EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 5:39 pm

Shin: He walked down the stairs and sees everyone in the living room. "Was there a band meeting?" AND THE QUIET ONE SPEAKS >:D

Strify: "Umm...I dont think so." He eats a cookie. xD

Yu: He shook his head. "Nope. We're just all in the same room." Suprizingly.

Kiro: He's paying attention to the TV.

Romeo: He is watching the TV.

Shin: HE nodded and went to the kitchen.

Luminor: He is making coffee. xD

Kiro: "Why is everyone being so queit?" He mummered, he was sitting with his knees close to his face, so his words were mufffled.

Strify: He lays down on the floor. And he goes and gets another cookie, he doesnt like the silence.

Yu: "Who wants to play a game?"

Romeo: "Sure." Its better than sitting here doing nothing.

Strify: He goes back into the living room.

Kiro: "Alright." He is still in the same postition.

Strify: "What are we doing?" He asked.

Yu: "What about we play Uno?" He said nervously. Nothing else came up to him when he was thinking for games.

Shin: He sat on a chair

Strify: He nodded and got the game.

Kiro: They got closer to the coffee table. "So, who's going to start?"

Strify: "I will." He goes to the table.

Kiro: "okay..."

Strify: And he plays the game. xD He might as well get involved with stuff, now that the confession is out. xD

--------time skip and someone wins XD----------

Kiro: He was suprized that he actually won the game.

Strify: He started to put the game up. xD

Yu: It's pretty late in the afternoon, and he yawned. "I'm gonna go to bed." He said as he went to his room.

Shin: He left a while back since he wasn't playing the game.

Luminor: And he leaves the house. xD

Kiro: He got up from the couch and turned off the TV. "so, how'd you like the game?" He hates awkward silences.

Strify: "It was fun, I guess." He got off the floor and sat on the couch.

Kiro: IS Strify a sore loser? XDXDXD "Okay.."

Strify: "Did you like the game?"

Kiro: "It suprized me." And why did they pick a game that is named after the number one in spanish? x'D

Strify: "How?" He asked.

Kiro: "O.O.....I won the game." And he didn't even know how to play it. x'D

Strify: "Ohh..."

Romeo: He goes to his room.

Kiro: "Yeah..."

Strify: He hates the awkward silence, so he goes and gets a cookie.

Kiro: He rolled his eyes and laughed a bit.

Strify: He gets the cookie and sees Kiro laughing. "What?" He takes a bite. (XDXD He likes his cookies!)

Kiro: "you and your cookies, if the world ended at any time, your last memory will be of you eating them."

Strify: He laughed. "Yeah, probally."

Kiro: He started to laugh. He didn't expect Strify to actually agree with him.

Strify: He smiled and ate the rest of his cookie. xD

Kiro: "Do you name your cookies before you eat them?" That was the wierdest thing that he ever asked in his whole life.

Strify: He laughed. "Yeah, this ones name is Jerry." He was being sarcastic and laughed.

Kiro: "Hm...after the mouse?"

Strify: "Of course! Who else would I name it after?"

Kiro: He had no idea, and he shook his head. "I don't know."

Strify: He laughed and sat down.

Kiro: "Hey, Strify."

Strify: "Yeah?"

Kiro: "Um...you remember when you confessed?"

Strify: He nodded. "Yeah..."

Kiro: Don't not say that you think that it's cute, Kiro thought to himself. "You don't have to worry about me being all awkward about it." He said, with a slight smile.

Strify: He smiled too. "I thought it has been." He laughed a little.

Kiro: "I have been awkward about it?" He didn't mean to.

Strify: "You've seemed like it." He corrected.

Kiro: "I didn't mean to then." He was all awkward about everything else.

Strify: "It's okay."

Kiro: "Okay..." He smiled.

Strify: He smiled back. xD

Kiro: "Well, it's about bed time, but I'm not tired. So what now?"

Strify: He laughed a little and shrugged. "What do you want to do?"

Kiro: "Um..I don't know."

Strify: He sighed. "Well we're screwed."

Kiro: "YEs we are." He laughed.

Strify: He laughed. "I want a cookie." He pouted and got up and got ANOTHER COOKIE! :D

Kiro: "You need to go to rehab for that addiction."

Strify: He laughed. "I dont think a cookie addiction can get me qualified to go there."

Kiro: "Okay, we can find a kiddie doctor." Just totally made fun of Strify's mentality.

Strify: "You're calling me a kiddie now?" He laughed.

Kiro: "Yes, Kiddie's like eating cookies."

Strify: "That's offencive to kiddies everywhere..."

Kiro: "How is that?" He smiled, trying his best not to laugh. This is one odd conversation they ever had.

Strify: "Since kiddies like cookies, you are basically mocking kiddies like me everywhere." He smiled.

Kiro: "Yes, I am."

Strify: "See, that's offencive to kiddies worldwide." He makes odd hand gestures.

Kiro: "Nope. It's just proves that they are still kiddies."

Strify: "So I'm a kiddie?" He pouted and laughed.

Kiro: "Yes." He smiled. Again trying to not laugh.

Strify: He pouted like a kiddie. xD

Kiro: "See! You're even acting like a kiddie."

Strify: "That's just not right." He sits right now. xD

Kiro: "how is it not right?"

Strify: "I'm not a kiddie!"

Kiro: "Well, you like cookies and you're having a temper tamtrum." HE couldn't hold it any longer he went to the ground and started laughing.

Strify: He gasped. "As I said, I'm not a kiddie!"

Kiro: HE laughed even harder when Strify gasped.

Strify: He looked at Kiro odd. "Why are you laughing?"

Kiro: "You gasped." He laughed. "And then you tried to say that you aren't and you're making my point across."

Strify: He rolled his eyes. "It's mean to laugh at someone." He smiled.

Kiro: "No it's not." He said with a straight face. Okay, he's smiling a bit.

Strify: He laughed a little. "You're a dork."

Kiro: "Thank you." He got up and went to the stiars.

Strify: "How do you take that as a complement?" He asked, following.

Kiro: "Because you basically called me someone that is not normal. And I already knew that I was a dork." Why would he even ask that?

Strify: "No one is normal." He leaned against a wall.

Kiro: "That is the point."

Strify: He laughed a little.

Kiro: He sat on the stairs.

Strify: He stayed standing, leaning on the wall.

Kiro: "So when are you going to the rehab center?" He's going back to the cookie ordeal now. What? What else can they talk about.

Strify: "Why should I? But if I go alone, I might end up around cookies again, so you'd have to take me."

Kiro: He fakes sighed. "Fine then, does that mean that I have to pick you up also?"

Strify: "Yeah, just incase I get to the cookies again."

Kiro: "Okay, so when do you want to start this rehab? and if you want a specific doctor who would you want to have?" He made a smile, mostly cause he's laughing again.

Strify: "Hmm..." He pretended to think. "I want the most experianced kiddie doctor in the state, and I dont care."

Kiro: "okay, do you know where I could find one?" THEY ARE A BUNCH OF DORKS.

Strify: He shook his head. "I'm the cookie adict here. You should've searched the information before asking me." He held back a smile.

Kiro: "I just had the idea a while back."

Strify: "Ohh..." He sighed. "Well where can we find a kiddie doctor?"

Kiro: He started to laugh again. "I think this joke is over by now.

Kiro: " x'D

Strify: "Ohh..." Inside he kind of thought he was actually going to do it. "Yeah, I knew that."

Kiro: He looked at him seriously. "You thought that this rehab thing would be actually real?"

Strify: "No." He kept a straight face.

Kiro: "It's okay if you thought it was." That means he really wants to stop his cookie addiction? He shook his head.

Strify: He laughed a little. "Maybe a little." He saw Kiro shake his head. "What?"

Kiro: "What?"

Strify: "You shook your head... >​.>​"

Kiro: "Oh..I was thinking."

Strify: "About what?"

Kiro: "Um...it's nothing..." Why didn't he want to say it?

Strify: "Tell me." He said.

Kiro: "I was wondering on why you actually want to stop your cookie addiction, but then I thought about it more and it's kind of funny....that you thought that it was real."

Strify: He laughed a bit. "For a while I thought it was real."

Kiro: "how come?"

Strify: "I dont know." He laughed. "I guess you actually wanted me to stop."

Kiro: "no, I was just making fun of your addiction."

Strify: "I'm happy as an addict." He smiled.

Kiro: He playfully rolled his eyes. It's better then drugs anyday. "Well, let's hope that." He smiled at Strify.

Strify: He smiled back. "So you want me to be an addict?"

Kiro: "Only for the cookies."

Strify: "Fair enough."

Kiro: "Okay." He got up. "Can I have one of the cookies?" Will do a pouty face, if needed. He's just want ONE cookie.

Strify: "Nein," He said. "If you really want one, you gotta earn it." He smiled.

Kiro: "What do I have to do?" He asked, sounding a bit irritated but it's just a joke.

Strify: He shrugged. "Hell if I know." He walked over to the cookie jar and got a cookie and handed it to him, and got one for himself. xD

Kiro: Insert mental facepalm. "You could have just said yes."

Strify: "I thought it would be more fun that way." He ate his cookie.

Kiro: "okay." He took a bite from the cookie.

Strify: "Yep." He slid down to the floor.

Kiro: He's still sitting on the stairs. "I don't know why they go up to thier rooms early." He said randoly, well, it's random to Strify but Kiro was thinking about it for a bit.

Strify: He shrugged. "It's only what, 7 or 8?"

Kiro: "Eight."

Strify: "Thats too early." He sighed.

Kiro: "It is...So what do you want to do right now?" He's thinking of watching a movie.

Strify: "I dont really care." He got up. "What do you want to do?"

Kiro: "I was thinking of watching a certain movie." He looked at the TV.

Strify: "What movie?"

Kiro: "Maybe Van Helsing." Something that the creators only knew together.

Strify: "Yeah, lets watch that." He found the movie.

Kiro: He went to the couch and sat on it. Grabbed the remotes and turned on the TV and VCR player, wait it's called a DVD player to all the younger people.

Strify: He put the movie in and sat beside him.

Kiro: He was getting interested in the movie.

Strify: He watched the movie. xD

----TIME SKIP---

Kiro: He fell asleep during the movie. He'd seen it a lot.

Strify: He realized Kiro was asleep and laughed. He got a cookie, once again, and ate it.

Kiro: He is still asleeeeep~~

Strify: He decided to jump onto the couch for payback for the last night or whenever he jumped on him.

Kiro: "AHH!!" He yelled as he fell to the floor.

Strify: He laughed, also falling to the floor.

Kiro: "What was that for?

Strify: "Payback.

Strify: " He was still laughing.

Kiro: For the cookies right? "For what?"

Strify: "Jumping on me."

Kiro: "when did I do that?"

Strify: "A few mornings ago when we fell asleep on the couch."

Kiro: "Oh..." He laughed. HE forgot about that. "When did I fell asleep?"

Strify: He laughed. "Half way though the movie, I think." He wasnt for sure.

Kiro: "Okay..."

Strify: "Yep..."

Kiro: "Well, the movie is over now, I guess." HE doesn't know what to do now.

Strify: "Yep." He took the movie out, and put it away.

Kiro: HE sighed and sat back down on the couch.

Strify: He sat down once again. "What now?"

Kiro: "Um..." He laughed. "I don't know..." And since he fell asleep during the movie, he's not tired.

Strify: He sighed. "Me either."

Yu: HE walked down the stairs.

Kiro: HE sees Yu. "Hey."

Strify: He realizes Yu is there. "Decide not to sleep?" He checked the time. 10:00.

Yu: "Nope, decided to go to a bar or something like that. Wanna come?"

Strify: "Sure." He got up,

Yu: "Alright."

Strify: "You comming?" He asked Kiro.

Kiro: "Um...yeah..." HE wasn't hearing what they were talking about.

Strify: He walked out the door.

Yu: "Let's go." He went to the car.

Strify: He got into the car. xD

Kiro: He nodded and went to one of the back seats to the car.

-------AT THE BAR :D----------

Strify: And he walks into the bar. xD

Kiro: He wasn't sure why he said yes to go to a bar. HE wasn't in the mood to get drunk. He shrugged. He might as well be the person who drives them back to the house then, which reminded him.

Yu: Went to get bier.

Strify: "What do you wanna do?" He asked Kiro, deciding to stay with him. xD

Kiro: "Um...I have to figure out some things, but I know I won't be touching the alcohol tonight."

Strify: "What things?" He'd probally have a couple drinks.

Kiro: "Um..it's nothing."

Strify: "Okay...?"

Kiro: He laughed.

Strify: "What?" He asked.

Kiro: "Nothing."

Strify: "Okay then." And he got a beer. xD

Kiro: Dork. He thought to himself.

Strify: He took a drink. "What now?"

Kiro: "Um...I don't know." HE suddenly got tired. "You should go out and have some fun." And why is Strify always around him recently. Well, besides the obvious reason.

Strify: "You need to too." If he didnt, then why did he come?

Kiro: "How?" Most people in here that tries to have fun are drunk.

Strify: He shrugged. "Dance or something?"

Kiro: "You can pick."

Strify: "You choose."

Kiro: "Fine. Dance it is.." He walks to the dancing area.

Strify: He laughed and followed. "Okay."

Kiro: And he danced.

Strify: He danced too.

Kiro: He looked around and he sees a lot of people drunk. Propably won't remember what they did.

Strify: He danced and was humming a random song that came into his head.

Kiro: He noticed that Strify wasn't paying attention to the songs that were being blasted. "Having your own little party?"

Strify: He laughed. "Yeah, you wanna join?" He started to dance with the song in his head. xD

Kiro: "okay." HE laughed a bit. BEcuase WTF? XD IS he really having his own kind of party?

Strify: He laughed and danced, singing this time. xD

Kiro: He couldn't hear what Strify was singing to but he just thought the guy was kind of funny.

Strify: He was still singing.

Kiro: "What are you singing to?" He asked, yelled a bit since the music is blaring.

Strify: "Umm...A bunch of different songs..." He laughed.

Kiro: "Okay." He smiled and still dancing.

Strify: And he sings and dances.

Kiro: He stopped dancing and went to the area that had chairs and stuff.

Strify: And he still dances and sings, then realizes Kiro's gone.

Kiro: HE sits on one of them. He's a bit tired but he's gotta be the one that's sober here.

Strify: He found Kiro and went over to him. "Why did you leave?" He laughed.

Kiro: "Tired..." He said.

Strify: "Ohh..." He sighed, getting his breath back.

Kiro: "Yep." He put his head down.

Strify: He went and got another drink. "You feeling okay?"

Kiro: "I told you, I'm tired." And he wasted most of his energy with the dancing.

Strify: "If you want, you can go home. I'll get Yu home."

Kiro: "No, it's fine. I'll just stay here for a while." He smiled, trying to make sure that they at least would have some fun.

Strify: "You sure?" If he really wanted sleep, he could take care of everything.

Kiro: "YEs, I am sure."

Strify: "Okay..." He decided to leave, just incase Kiro wanted to sleep at the table.

Kiro: HE put his head back down, maybe get at least one beer to get some energy.

Strify: And he dances xD

------------time skip LOL---------------------​------

Kiro: He fell asleep.

Strify: He decided to find Yu and go home. Enough partying for one night. xD

Kiro: He woke up and starts looking for Yu and Strify. So far he hasn't found them. "Don't tell me they left me here."

Strify: He finally found Yu and went to look for Kiro.

Kiro: Still can't find them.

Strify: He finally found Kiro. "Ready to go home?" He's a little drunk.

Yu joined the chat

Kiro: "Um..I guess." He said as he rubbed his eyes a bit.

Strify: "Okay..." And he starts to walk to the car, and getting Yu into the backseat/

Kiro: He went to the drivers side and sat on it. "Where are the keys?"

Yu: Creator guesses that he's drunk.

Strify: "Umm..." He didnt know where they put them. He checked his pockets, and found them. "Here."

Kiro: He grabbed the keys and put them in the ignition. Wait, Why did Strify had the keys?

Strify: He got in the car and put his head back.

-------and they are back at the house :D and it's propably 1 am xDXDXDXDXDXDXD----------​-

Kiro: He got out of the car and open one of the back dooors.

Yu: HE passed out.

Strify: He got out of the car. "I'm gonna go to sleep." He yawned.

Kiro: [I made the siggy things yesterday :D you can go and look at them x3] He looked at Strify. He's not going to help me get Yu back into the house? He shook his head.

Strify: "You want me to help?" He saw Kiro shake his head before asking.

Kiro: "Um...yeah...our friend here is passed out." He pointed at Yu. [xD]

Strify: "He's your friend too, ya know." He walked over to him and struggled to get the passed out guy out of the car.

Kiro: HE did say OUR right? >​.>​..... He helped Strify.

Strify: They finally got him into the house, and into his room.

Kiro: He walked out of Yu room and closed the door. "I'm going to bed."

Kiro: He told Strify

Strify: "Me too..." He walked into his room, shutting the door.

Kiro: He went to his room, jumped onto the bed, and fell asleep.

----TIME SKIP----

Yu: He walked down the stairs with a headache. He went to the kitchen to look for some painkiller, which they're propably not there.

Romeo: He found Yu, since he was in the living room. He didnt know they all left. He saw him reach for something. "What are you looking for?"

Yu: "Some painkillers. Do you know where they are?" While he was looking for them, he had the coffee maker working.

Romeo: He laughed and got up, going to a different cubord and handing him a few painkillers.

Yu: He takes them. "Thanks."

Romeo: "No problem." He sighed. "Where did you go?"

Yu: "Went to the bar with Strify and Kiro. I don't remember much of what happened." He said.

Romeo: He laughed. "You got drunk?"

Yu: "Yes." He laughed a bit. It was kind of obvious when he has a headache.

Romeo: He laughed. "I thought so."

Yu: He got a mug and pour some of the hot water into it.

Romeo: He got a glass of water.

Kiro: The phone started to ring and he ran to it as fast as he could. "I got it." He answered it. It was the call he expected. He put the phone down. He got the apartment.

Yu: "What was the phone call?" He asked Kiro.

Strify: He is still sleeping, waking up slowly.

Romeo: He waited for Kiro's answer.

Kiro: "Oh, it was nothing." He said.

Romeo: "Okay then...?" He took another drink of the water.

Strify: He woke up and walked downstairs.

Kiro: He went to the living room.

Yu: He's not too sure what he should say about. He made his coffee a while back. Hoping that it'll also help to get ride of the hangover.

Strify: He rubbed his eyes, seeing everyone in the rooms. He sat down on the floor.

Kiro: He seen Strify sitting on the floor. "What are you doing?"

Strify: He shrugged. "I'm sitting."

Kiro: He shook his head. "When is the next band meeting?" He asked anyone in the house.

Romeo: He shrugged. "Want one now?"

Kiro: "Um.....yeah, I gues.."

Romeo: "Okay..." He sat on the other side of the couch.

Yu: He sat on a chair.

Strify: He stayed on the floor.

Shin: They always seem to forget him. He herd the conversation so he decided to go to the living room also.

Strify: He saw Shin go into the living room.

Yu: "so, why are we having a random band meeting?"

Strify: He shrugged. "Kiro wanted it." He turned to Kiro.

Kiro: "Well, I just got an apartment and I'm going to move in it soon." He just say it becuase it's going to be wierd if he went all awkward about it.

Strify: "Ohh..." Well that was a big shock.

Kiro: "I thought that this thing about the whole band in one house is only temporary until some of us found somewhere else to live." Besides, he does like it being quiet sometimes.

Romeo: "Yeah, that's fair enough." He knew this wouldnt work out anyways.

Kiro: He looked at the others. He knew he did something stupid. Shit. He went up to his room. It's already awkward now.

Strify: He stayed sitting, sadening.

Yu: "I didn't expect him to be the first one to do that." HE pointed out.

Romeo: "Yeah." He sighed.

Yu: "Why?" His hangover is making his stupid a bit.

Romeo: "What?" He laughed a little at Yu's stupidity.

Strify: He got up quietly and went to his room.

Yu: "Why did that just automatically happen?" He slapped Romeo's shuolder for laughing at him.

Romeo: He shrugged. "Maybe he wanted to leave. I dont know."

Yu: "Okay." he put his back.

Romeo: He laughed.


Kiro: He's on his bed, he didn't even start to pack.

Strify: He sat on his floor, not wanting Kiro to leave.

Kiro: HE decided to get up and talk to the other members, and hoping that they understand so he won't feel so stupid for doing this. Strify was the first one. He knocked on his door.

Strify: He sighed. "Who is it?"

Kiro: "It's Kiro." He said.

Strify: "Come in." He got up quickly and sat on his bed.

Kiro: He opened the door. "I'm sorry about earlier, I did't think that it would actually bother the band with it."

Strify: "It's fine."

Strify: **He lied. Inside, he wasnt fine.

Kiro: He sighed. "Are you sure?" HE just need to make sure.

Strify: He nodded. "Yeah." He didnt want to show Kiro that he made him cry. He kept tears in his eyes.

Kiro: "Okay.." He left the room.

Strify: He sighed, letting tears go down his face.

Kiro: He found Yu. He walked up to him.

Yu: "Before you ask, I am okay with it, but I'm just wondering why?" He was in the room that is next to Strify's so he herd the conversation.

Romeo: He saw Kiro.

Kiro: "I already told you at the band meeting."

Yu: There has to be another reason. He walked away from Kiro.

Kiro: Okay, that was strange. He didn't expect them to either hate him or get sad about it. He sees Romeo. He walked up to him.

Romeo: He saw Kiro walk up to him. "Whats up?"

Kiro: "I'm sorry, if I hurt you or anything like that." He forgot what he said to Strify so he's basically saying what was on his mind since he told the members.

Romeo: "It's okay." He laughed a little. "I knew the whole band living here wouldnt work out anyways."

Kiro: "What do you mean?" WAit, they were suppose to stay in the house?

Romeo: "Just since everyone is here, I just knew that we all would try to find our own places." He was thinking about it too.

Kiro: "Oh.."

Romeo: He nodded.

Kiro: He went to go find Shin.

Kiro: He found him and he walked up to him. "Shin, I am sorry for whatever I did at the band meeting." YEah, he gave up what to say now.

Shin: "It's okay, just be careful what you do in the future." For the sake of the band.

Kiro: HE nodded. Okay, so he apaligized to the band and only one of them seem like they hate him. Well, that's wonderful. He started walking back up to his room.

Strify: He was still crying softly, and layed down.
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Scene 2 [Date: Unknown]
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