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 Scene 1 [Date: Unknown]

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Scene 1 [Date: Unknown] Empty
PostSubject: Scene 1 [Date: Unknown]   Scene 1 [Date: Unknown] EmptyTue Jun 04, 2013 5:37 pm

Kiro Cullen: He woke up a while ago, and he can't go back to sleep. So he decided to watch TV for a while. He's sitting on the couch, knees close to his face.

Jack Strify: He woke up hungry, so he decided to get something to snack on, cookies. He walked out of the kitchen and saw Kiro on the couch.

Kiro Cullen: He heard some ruckus in the house. Someone's awake at this time of the morning? That's suprizing. "Who is it?"

Jack Strify: He heard someone say something. He went in the direction of the sound and found Kiro. "Umm...Me...?"

Kiro Cullen: It's Strify. "Why are you awake early?" He's usually the one that is last one to be awake.

Jack Strify: "I was hungry.." He took a bit of a cookie. "Why are you up?"

Kiro Cullen: "I woke up an hour ago, and I couldn't sleep." He laughed a bit. Him and his cookies. They have to keep those in supply so the singer won't go all balistic about it.

Jack Strify: He laughed and sat down on the seat beside Kiro. "What are you watching?" And he takes another bite out of the cookie.

Kiro Cullen: "To be serious, I don't know. I just decided to watch something random since nothing else was on."

Jack Strify: He laughed. "Good enough for me." He looked at the screen.

-----a few hours later...----

Romeo Nightingale: He walks into the living room, and sees Kiro and Strify. Why was Strify already up?

Kiro Cullen: He woke up, realizing he was on the couch. Wondering why he was on the couch. As he wakes up some more he knew why. He looks up and sees Romeo. "Hey, Romeo."

Romeo Nightingale: "Hi..." He sees Strify still passed out. "Why were you guys on the couch? O.o"

Kiro Cullen: "Um..I couldn't sleep, and Strify was getting a cookie." He sees Strify passed out, he starts to mentally laugh.

Romeo Nightingale: He laughed. "That guy is crazy for those things."

Kiro Cullen: "And you just realized that?" he said sarcastically. He got up from the couch to go in the kitchen for some breakfeast.

Romeo Nightingale: He followed Kiro into the kitchen. "Trust me, I know. It's either singing or cookies for him."

Kiro Cullen: He laughs. "That is true." He grabbed the quickest cereal box he could get and put it in a bowl.

Romeo Nightingale: He laughs and gets a bowl. "How long were you up?"

Kiro Cullen: "Um...since six." he said as he grabbed the milk carton and pours it into the bowl.

Romeo Nightingale: "That's early." He put cerial into a bowl.

Kiro Cullen: he looked at the bowl for a bit. "I just couldn't sleep." He started to eat his food.

Romeo Nightingale: "There are those days." He put milk into a bowl and took a bite. "Its early for Strify though."

Kiro Cullen: "yeah, that suprized me also." He goes to the couch and jumps onto it. Making Strify wake up on purpose.

Jack Strify: He opens his eyes. "What the-" He is on the couch. He sees Kiro, and realized he jumped onto the couch. "What was that for?"

Romeo Nightingale: He laughed.

Kiro Cullen: "You fell asleep." He smiled and sits on the couch now. Grabbed the remote and changed the channel. [XD OMG LET ME FIND IT]

Jack Strify: He sighed and sat up. "You could have given me 5 more minutes..."

Kiro Cullen: "No..I couldn't." He would have said the same thing if he did give him five more minutes.

Jack Strify: He looked at him. "How could you not?" He was being sarcastic, smiling.

Kiro Cullen: "Because, you would have said the same thing if I did."

Jack Strify: "Yeah probally.." He laughed.

Yu Phoenix: He walked down the stairs and went to the fridge. "We need to get more food." He yelled, not sure if any of the others are out there.

Jack Strify: He heard Yu yell. He sighed. "We need to go to the store again..." He needed more cookies too. xD

Kiro Cullen: "Okay.."

Kiro Cullen: "What else are we going to do today besides go grocery shopping?" He doesn't want to stay in this place all day.

Jack Strify: He shrugged. "What do you want to do?"

Kiro Cullen: "Um...not staying here?" He's not sure sure if he should say that.

Yu Phoenix: HE MADE TOAST Very Happy

Jack Strify: "Okay." He said. He doesnt mind going out.

Romeo Nightingale: He found Yu making toast. xD

Kiro Cullen: He is done with his cereal. "I'll be upstairs." He goes upstairs.

Jack Strify: He watched Kiro go up the stairs. "I'm gonna go get ready." He went into his room.

Kiro Cullen: And he gets ready.

Yu Phoenix: Was he the only one that was already dressed up? O.O

Romeo: He put his bowl in the sink.

------a few hours later, cause creator is too lazy to keep up a convo xD-------

Yu Phoenix: They get to the store. "Okay, so I guess we separate to get the groceries." Since everyone likes certian foods.

Jack Strify: "Okay." He walks a direction, towards the cookie isle. xD

Yu Phoenix: He goes to anywhere that seems convieniant to him.

Romeo Nightingale: He goes to a place and finds food.

Kiro Cullen: "Alright." He goes to the cheese isle. Don't ask why, that's all the creator could think that he should go to.

Jack Strify: He looks at all of the yummy cookies. Very Happy

Kiro Cullen: He got all the he knew that the others wouldn't get, and he goes to look for someone now.

Jack Strify: He got enough cookies to last him a little while, and went to find someone to help.

Kiro Cullen: He sees Strify, with the cookies. "Figures."

Jack Strify: He turns his head and sees Kiro. "Says the guy with cheese xD"

Kiro Cullen: He has other things besides cheese, but Strify just points out the cheese. "Well, at least I'm not obsessed with Cookies." Fails at making comebacks.

Jack Strify: "Cookies are the shit, dude." He laughs.

Kiro Cullen: "Wonder if the guys already got thier stuff or not." He tihnks out loud.

Jack Strify: "Let's find them." He starts to walk, in attempts to find the others.

Yu Phoenix: Is at the car by now.

Romeo Nightingale: He finds Yu at the car. xD

Kiro Cullen: It's been about five minutes with them looking for the guys. "Could they have left?"

Jack Strify: He shruggs. "Maybe." He laughs. "Where else should we look?"

Kiro Cullen: He tell the truth, he has no clue. He's barely been to this store before. "Um..I don't know."

Jack Strify: "Umm...Lets go this way!" He points to a random section of the store and starts to walk.

Kiro Cullen: He shook his head and followed Strify. 'Does he have any idea on where to go?' he thought.

Yu Phoenix: He looked at his watch and noticed that Strify and Kiro haven't came to the car yet. "Where are they?"

Jack Strify: "There isnt anyone here." He sighs and frowns. "I think they left us."

Kiro Cullen: "Um...If they did, then why is the car still there." He pointed at the window. They guys are IN the car.

Jack Strify: He looks to the car, and sees the others. "I found them!"

Kiro Cullen: He starts to laugh.

Jack Strify: He laughs too and walks to the car, then stops at the door. "We should pay for this..." o.o

Kiro Cullen: He mentally facepalms. "I guess we should." When it comesto Strify and his cookies he forgets to buy them sometimes. He buys his stuff.

Jack Strify: He buys his stuff and goes to the car.

Yu Phoenix: "What took you guys so long?" He asked as he puts the window down to talk to them. He's in the drivers seat.

Kiro Cullen: He puts the stuff in the trunk and goes to one of the seats that aren't taken.

Jack Strify: "We lost you guys." He sighed and got into the car, and opens a pakage of cookies.

--------and they are back at the house and this scene is a fail so far xD-----------

Jack Strify: He puts the cookies in the cuboard.

Shin: He walks down the stairs when he herd the door opening. They totally forgot him, didn't they. "What'd you get?" He wasn't sure why they all left the house.

Jack Strify: "Cookies Very Happy" He said, eating another one.

Shin: Obvious. "That's all?"

Jack Strify: "No." He said, walking back outside to get other groceries.

Kiro Cullen: "Got the groceries also." He said, while walking into the house with some bags.

Jack Strify: He stopped and turned around, going back in the house. "Alright."

Shin: "Okay." Thank god they didn't go out just to get cookies.


Romeo Nightingale: He sits on the couch. xD

Kiro Cullen: He grabs one of the candies that they bought and sits on the floor. He looked around for the remote. "Where is it?"

Jack Strify: He looks at Kiro. "Where's what?"

Kiro Cullen: He popped his head back up from the floor. "The remote." He looked at him for a moment and went back to searching.

Jack Strify: "Where did you have it when you were down here earlier?" He didn't see the remote.

Kiro Cullen: "On the couch." Romeo must be sitting on it, he looked at Romeo. "I think the remote is being sitted on."

Jack Strify: He laughed.

Romeo Nightingale: He looked at Kiro. "Huh?" He gets up, and yep, the remote is being sitted on xD

Kiro Cullen: He started to laugh. That's what he thought it was at. "You can change the channel right?" and the remote isn't damaged too much.

Jack Strify: He is laughing harder now. xD

Romeo Nightingale: He glairs at Kiro. "Yeah, sure."

Kiro Cullen: He turned around and pretended that he didn't say anything.

Romeo Nightingale: He changes the channel.

Kiro Cullen: YAY!!! Okay, this is wierd for Kiro. XD

Jack Strify: He gets another cookie. xD

Yu Phoenix: He is somewheres....

Kiro Cullen: He layed down on the floor. His sleep is catching to him a bit. He wondered why the band decided to live in the same house.

Jack Strify: He sighs and lays his head back.

Kiro Cullen: He gets up from the floor after a few minutes of being on it. His neck is giving him some issues. "hey, I'm gonna go out to the back for a while." It's nice outside, so why let it waste?

Romeo Nightingale: His eyes were on the TV, no one knows what he is watching. "Okay."

Jack Strify: He looked up at Kiro. "I'll come too?"

Kiro Cullen: He looked at Strify. "Okay." He started walking towards the back.

Jack Strify: He got up and followed Kiro.

Kiro Cullen: He was wondering why Strify decided to come along with him to go to the back. "Um...." He just wanted to look at the trees and crap and creator is failing at this.

Jack Strify: He walked beside Kiro. "What?" He asked.

Kiro Cullen: Hell, he decided to ask. "Why did you ask if you could come along?"

Jack Strify: He shruged. "Might as well." Is there something wrong with him going?

Kiro Cullen: "sorry, to ask that..." Lately, Strify has been acting wierd.

Jack Strify: "Its okay." He sighed and put his hands in his pockets.

Kiro Cullen: "What's wrong? Lately you've been acting." He means stranger then he usually acts.

Jack Strify: He shruged. "Nothing really." He sighed, looking at the sky.

Kiro Cullen: Yep, he's not acting like himself. "Okay..." he said making sure that he sounded like he knew that Strify wasn't telling the truth. He sat on the porch.

Jack Strify: He stayed standing, pretending to admire the sky. He didn't want to tell him.

Kiro Cullen: "If nothing is wrong, then why are you awfully quiet?"

Jack Strify: He shruged "I don't know." He didn't know if Kiro felt the same. He didn't want to know that he didn't.

Kiro Cullen: He got up from the porch and walked up to Strify to hug him. "Whatever it is, remember the band is here for you."

Jack Strify: He sighed and let Kiro hug him. He wished he could have that hug a lot more.

Kiro Cullen: "Are you sure you don't want to talk about it, because I'm here all day to hear about it." That sounded a bit rude. He just didn't know what else to say.

Jack Strify: He shruged. "It doesn't matter." He might as well get it out. He just didnt want to hear that Kiro didnt feel the same way, so he kept it from him.

Kiro Cullen: He nodded. "okay.." He walked down the stairs and go looking at the whatever is out there.

Jack Strify: He followed Kiro slowly, trying to find the right words. He looked where Kiro was looking,

Kiro Cullen: He found a bunny to go after a bit, no he's not chasing, well okay, he is. He just want to pet it for at least one time. He starts laughing when he realized that it's going to be a while before he'll get it.

Jack Strify: He laughed at Kiro's behavior. He watched for a little, then decided to help. He ran towards the bunny, trying to get it as well.

Kiro Cullen: He started laughing even harder when he seen Stify trying to get the bunny, he didn't expect the guy to try. He stopped to catch a breath but it was no use he was onthe ground laughing.

Jack Strify: He tried to catch the bunny, and the bunny went under the fence, and into another yard. He laughed and fell to the floor.

Kiro Cullen: He stopped laughing after a few minutes. "Where did the bunny go? Did you let it go to the other side of the fence?" He's still laughing when he said that. "What was on your mind when you were chasing the bunny?" Didn't he just chase the bunny also?

Jack Strify: He stopped laughing. "It's too fast." He was out of breath. He shruged at the next comment. "I was trying to get the bunny."

Kiro Cullen: No dip shorlock, he thought. "well, we can see how that worked out?" He smiled after he said that comment.

Jack Strify: He looked over to Kiro, who was smiling. "What are you talking about?"

Kiro Cullen: "I was talking about you trying to catch the bunny, what did you thought I said?" He had a blank expression.

Jack Strify: I sighed. "You're confusing." He chuckled.

Kiro Cullen: "I'm the confusing one?" He raised his eyebrow to try to prove a point.

Jack Strify: "Yeah, you are." He laughed lightly. "Who else would be confusing?"

Kiro Cullen: "You."

Jack Strify: "How am I confusing?"

Kiro Cullen: "Um..I can't explain it, but you are sometime, wait, your obsession with cookies is a bit confusing." he just made fun of his cookie addiction.

Jack Strify: He pouted. "It's not bad to have a cookie addiction!"

Kiro Cullen: He tilted his head. "True.." It's better then most of the addictions out there. "Let's just hope you won't become a diabetic." HE smiled.

Jack Strify: He laughed. "I dont eat all of those gross fast food shit. Cookies are a limitation to diabetics." He smiled.

Kiro Cullen: "You did while we were in tour." He pointed out. He decided to sit on the grass now.

Jack Strify: "Not all the time." He sighed. "Diabetics usually end up that way by eating a lot of fast food." He decides to sit on the grass as well.

Kiro Cullen: "How did you know all of this stuff." He didn't, he was just saying that he would get it later on if he kept on with the cookie addiction.

Jack Strify: He shruged. "I guess I read it somewhere?"

Kiro Cullen: He laughed and shook his head. "I don't how you had the time to."

Jack Strify: He shruged. "I could've had time somewhere." He forgot where, but he remembers reading it somewhere.

Kiro Cullen: He had no comeback to that.

Jack Strify: He sighed and layed down.

Kiro Cullen: "So how are you?" He didn't know what else to say. He looked at the grass.

Jack Strify: He sighed. "Good, I guess." He looked at the clouds. "You?"

Kiro Cullen: "um...confused actually..." Stify is scaring him a bit with the oddness.

Jack Strify: "Why are you confused?" He sat with support from his arms.

Kiro Cullen: "It's nothing." He already tried to firgure out what's wrong with him and Strify won't tell so what's the point of asking again.

Jack Strify: He looked at Kiro. "Tell me."

Kiro Cullen: "Okay, I already asked you if you were okay, that's what's making me confused that you don't want to say what's going on?"

Jack Strify: He sighed. Should he tell him? "You would either not believe me, or just not like it."

Kiro Cullen: He laughed. "It's you, Strify, I think some of the things you say are unbelievable, but I have learned to actually believe the things you say, that weren't jokes, just say what's on your mind." he said as he started to play with the grass.

Jack Strify: He smiled. "Well you might find it weird or whatever, but, I like you."

Kiro Cullen: "Well, yeah, that's kind of obvious, we're friends anyway." That was wierd, why did just say that when he already knew that. Wait, "You weren't talking about that were you..."

Jack Strify: "Yeah..." He looked at the sky.

Kiro Cullen: "Oh...", know he knows why Strify has been acting wierd. "I-I don't know what to say.." This is a suprize.

Jack Strify: He sighed. "I knew you'd react this way." Which was why he'd kept it from him.

Kiro Cullen: "What do you mean?" No, it's a just a suprize.

Jack Strify: "I knew you wouldn't feel the same." He picked at the grass.

Kiro Cullen: "Why would you think that?"

Jack Strify: "I was just assuming...And by the way you reacted..."

Kiro Cullen: "No, it's a suprize to me.." he looked down.

Jack Strify: "Ohh..." He sighed, still picking at the grass.

Kiro Cullen: "yeah..." A.W.K.W.A.R.D.

Jack Strify: He layed back down.

Kiro Cullen: "Um...I think that your confession is good." He smiled. Why must he be so damn awkward about it.

Jack Strify: He looked back at Kiro. "Really?" He smiled too.

Kiro Cullen: "Yes."

Jack Strify: "Well, thats good."

Kiro Cullen: "it is.."

Jack Strify: AWKWARD. "Yep..."

Kiro Cullen: He got up from the ground and he walks back into the house. He had no idea where he got this idea from but he decided to hide Strify's cookies somewheres, but as soon as he gets the jar, he didn't know where to put it. So he went upstairs and put it in the bathroom. He walked back down the stairs but he decided to stay on the bottom of the stairs.

Jack Strify: He walked in when he realized Kiro was gone. He wanted a cookie, so he went to the kitchen. Where was his cookie jar?

Kiro Cullen: He walked to his room so he could laugh without Strify seeing him.

Jack Strify: He looked around, thinking someone hid them while he was outside. He still couldnt find them.

Yu Phoenix: He noticed that Strify was looking for something. "What are you looking for?"

Jack Strify: "Do you know where my cookie jar went?" He searched, but still couldnt find it.

Yu Phoenix: "Nope...It's alway been where you left it."

Jack Strify: He sighed. "Someone took it." Then he realized that Kiro might have something to do with it.

Yu Phoenix: "I guess so." He shrugged. He isn't worried a bit by it missing.

Jack Strify: He glaired at Yu, then started to go to Kiro's room. He knocked on the door. "Where's my cookie jar?"

Kiro Cullen: He tried his best not to laugh. "What are you talking about?"

Jack Strify: He opened the door. "Where did you hide my cookie jar?"

Kiro Cullen: "I didn't hide it, I swear." He had one of his hands behind him, with his fingers crossed.

Jack Strify: He glaired at him. "Then who did??"

Kiro Cullen: "I don't know, I didn't even know that it was missing."

Jack Strify: He sighed and started to search again.

Yu Phoenix: He went to the bathroom and sees the cookie jar. What the fuck? He's not so sure on how it got there, so he decided to put it back where it should be.

Jack Strify: He searches, and still couldnt find it. "Shit."

Kiro Cullen: He started to laugh, he couldn't hold it much longer.

Jack Strify: He looked over to Kiro. "What's so funny?"

Kiro Cullen: He stopped laughing for a bit. "Nothing, I don't know why you are looking for the cookie jar." He looked at the kitchen, it's there. What? He looked shock. "Uh.." How did that happen?

Jack Strify: He looked around. "It went missing." He looked back at the kitchen where his cookie jar always is, and its there.

Kiro Cullen: "H-how did that happen?"

Yu Phoenix: He looked up from making coffee. "I found it in the bathroom."

Jack Strify: He looked around, and looked at Kiro. "Did you hide them in the bathroom?" He sighed, and took a cookie.

Kiro Cullen: He tried to pretend that he didn't hear, but he did. "Okay, you got me." Shit,shit,shit,shit, SHIT!!

Jack Strify: "Why did you hide it from me?" O.O

Kiro Cullen: "Becuase I wanted to." He started to walk away from the kitchen.

Jack Strify: He sighed and went to the living room, and sat down.

Kiro Cullen: He was shocked that he didn't go after him for doing that. O_O "What? XD"

Jack Strify: He heard Kiro. "Huh?"

Kiro Cullen: I shook his head and he went to his room.

Jack Strify: Why was he acting odd now? He sighed and stared at the ceiling

Yu Phoenix: He sat on the couch. "What was that about?"

Jack Strify: He shruged. "I dont know."

---------and time skip xD-------------

Jack Strify: He hasnt seen Kiro in a while, so he decides to see where he was. He walked up the stairs to his bedroom. He knocked on the door.

Kiro Cullen: He was on the bed listening to his music while he was in his room. Then he herd a knock. "Who is it?" He said lowly but enough for someone to hear.

Jack Strify: He opened the door and walked in. "Me?"

Kiro Cullen: Dork. "Come in." He's a bit distraced with the abstract stuff on the roof of his room, since someone painted it oddly.

Jack Strify: He walked in and sat down on the floor beside the bed. "What have you been doing in here?"

Kiro Cullen: "Looking at the roof, and listening to music." Sometimes he likes being alone.

Jack Strify: "Ahh..." He said, looking at what was so interesting about the roof. It was kind of fasinating.

Kiro Cullen: "So you see how I got distracted by the roof now." That's why he haven't left his room yet.

Jack Strify: "UhhHuhh..." He admired the roof. How could someone make such a weird disign?

Kiro Cullen: It's simple. "Why did you come in here?" Unless he didn't show himself for over a day, no one checks up on him, but then again since Strify's confession, it did make a lot more sence to him now.

Jack Strify: He shrugged. "You havent come out in a while."

Kiro Cullen: "That," he pointed at the roof, "is why I haven't came out in a while." He looked at Strify.

Jack Strify: He laughed. "It is very distracting..." And he got lost in the roofing pattern once again.

Kiro Cullen: "It is..." He sat up.

Jack Strify: He looked to Kiro, and looked up to the roof again. It's so distracting. xD

Kiro Cullen: "Um...Strify..."

Jack Strify: He looked over to Kiro. "Yeah?"

Kiro Cullen: "Um..."

Jack Strify: He waited for an answer.

Kiro Cullen: "Nothing." He looked at the window.

Jack Strify: He sighed and went back to the roof, thinking he may have been lying.

Kiro Cullen: "Um...Strify, you're roof has the samething, unless the painters used a different brush." or whatever you call it.

Jack Strify: "I know..." He sighed. "Do you want me to leave?" He looked over to Kiro.

Kiro Cullen: "No." It's just wierd that he just realized that it's there.

Jack Strify: "Okay." He went back looking at the roof, puting his head on the side of the bed.

Kiro Cullen: He got up and turned off the music.

Jack Strify: He watched Kiro turn off the music, and leaned onto the bed, still on the floor.

Kiro Cullen: "What do you want to do besides watching the roof."

Jack Strify: He shrugged. "I dont know. What do you want to do?"

Kiro Cullen: "If I knew I wouldn't be asking you." he sighed and sat on his bed again.

Jack Strify: He sighed.

Kiro Cullen: "I could hide your cookies again." he said with a smirk on his face.

Jack Strify: He glaired at him. "That was not funny. I like my cookies."

Kiro Cullen: He laughed. "Then you have to make me not hide the cookies again." Found out something to do.

Jack Strify: "How can I do that?" He asked.

Kiro Cullen: "Well, I don't know." He got up and went to the door.

Jack Strify: "Okay?"

Kiro Cullen: He left the room and went after the cookies.

Jack Strify: He got up and followed him, and he was going after his cookies. Again. He ran after him. "Dont take them again!" He yelled.

Kiro Cullen: He did and he started running around the house. Ingoring the glares from the other band members.

Jack Strify: He ran after him. "Give back the cookies!" He ignored the smirks.

Kiro Cullen: "No!"

Jack Strify: He ran after him.

Kiro Cullen: He kept on running, and he tripped, accedently broke the jar. He looked at it in shock. "oh, shit."

Jack Strify: He sees the broken jar. "My cookies!"

Kiro Cullen: He sits up and looked at the jar. "Uh..." O___________O

Jack Strify: O_O "My cookies..."

Kiro Cullen: "I'm sorry..."

Jack Strify: "It's okay..." He started to pick up the mess of glass and cookies/cookie crumbs.

Kiro Cullen: He looked at Stify as if he's crazy. HE JUST BROKE HIS COOKIE JAR!!! and he's okay with it. He noticed the looks from the other members, they were suprized also.

Jack Strify: He finished cleaning up the mess, and had decided that tommarrow he would buy a new cookie jar and new cookies.

Kiro Cullen: He got up from the 'crime scene' and went to his room. "This is way too strange."

Jack Strify: He went to his room and layed down on his bed.

--------------ANOTHER TIME SKIP XD----------------------‚Äč

Jack Strify: He looked around his room, realizing he had fallen asleep. He got up and went to the kitchen, getting a glass of water.

Kiro Cullen: He is now looking at the roof, yet again but this time he's hitting a ball against it.

Jack Strify: He wiped his eyes, and heard a thunking noise. He found the noise in Kiro's room, he was hitting a ball on the roof.

Kiro Cullen: Still hitting the wall

Jack Strify: He opened the door, and stood at the doorway, looking at the bouncing ball.

Kiro Cullen: He grabbed to ball so he won't hit it to the wall again, when he herd the door open. He didn't even bothered to ask who it was.

Jack Strify: He stood there, thinking about going back to his room again.

Kiro Cullen: "Who is it? and if it's Strify, I'll pay for a new cookie jar later, okay?" he said.

Jack Strify: He sighed. "You dont have to pay for the jar." He went to his room. Clearly Kiro didnt want him in his room.

Kiro Cullen: "The door is still open." he said after he noticed that Strify had left.

Jack Strify: He heard Kiro say that his door was open. He walked over to his room and shut the door, then going back to his room.

-----------the next day cause creator doesn't like ending scenes XD--------------

Jack Strify: He woke up once again, and layed in bed.

Kiro Cullen: He is in the kitchen making some coffee, he feels a little bit better, but that's about it.

Jack Strify: He got dressed and stuff, and decided to get the jar that morning. He walked down the stairs, and went to the front door to unlock it.

Kiro Cullen: He noticed that Strify had went to the door, and yet he hadn't leave. Why? He shook his head, telling himself to forget about it.

Jack Strify: He unlocked the door and opened it. "I'll be back." He said and left out the front door.

Kiro Cullen: "okay." he said lightly.

Romeo Nightingale: "Where is he going?" He asked. He forgot about the cookie jar thing xD.

Kiro Cullen: "He's went to get a new cookie jar.." After he thought about it for a bit. "and maybe some more cookies."

Romeo Nightingale: "Oh yeah." He said, now remembering the incident.

Kiro Cullen: "yep." His coffee is finished, so he takes a sip from it.

Romeo Nightingale: "Whats wrong?" He asked. Kiro seemed off,

Kiro Cullen: "Um...It's nothing." He 'smiled'.

Romeo Nightingale: He sighed. "Alright."

Jack Strify: He gets to the store and looks for a new jar.

Kiro Cullen: He went to the living room and watched a random movie, yet again.

Romeo Nightingale: He sighed and watched the movie.

Jack Strify: He found a new cookie jar and cookies and got back to the house. He walked inside and went straight to the kitchen.

Kiro Cullen: He decided to go on the floor and lay down. He wasn't paying attention to the TV anymore.

Jack Strify: He put the cookies into the jar, and didnt take one. He went to his room.

Yu Phoenix: He seen Strify just went to his room. "What's with him?"

Romeo Nightingale: He shrugged. "I dont know."

Kiro Cullen: He's asleep.

Yu Phoenix: "Hm..." he see's Kiro on the ground. O.o...He sits on one of the chairs.

Jack Strify: He lays on his bed.

Romeo Nightingale: He sits and watches the random movie Kiro picked out.

Kiro Cullen: He wakes up after he herd Yu walking into the living room. He decided to walk up the stairs and to Strify's room. He knocked on it.

Jack Strify: He heard someone knock on the door. "Who is it?"

Kiro Cullen: "it's Kiro."

Jack Strify: "Come in."

Kiro Cullen: He opened to door and walked into the room. "I'm sorry about yesterday."

Jack Strify: "It's okay." He said, still looking at the odd ceiling,

Kiro Cullen: He laughed a bit. "How come you just got addicted to the cieling now?" He's asking, just trying to make a conversation.

Jack Strify: "I dont know." He still looked at the ceiling. "I never noticed it before."

Kiro Cullen: "I kind of realized that."

Jack Strify: He sighed, still watching the ceiling.

Kiro Cullen: He nodded and left the room. Why is this so complicated?

Jack Strify: He realized Kiro left the room. He just sat there, looking at the ceiling.
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Scene 1 [Date: Unknown]
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